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Earlier this week we sat in virtual circle for our very first EVER New Moon Ritual as a community-at-large. 

Were you there?  

We had 80+ Goddesses (and a few Adonises) join us in circle right out the gate. Wow! 

It was a truly humbling and very pivotal moment for us over here at Feminine Magic® HQ. 

It represents the unfolding of my long-time Desire. What I know to be a huge part of my purpose on the planet— To make manifesting a widely used and well-known daily practice, like meditation or yoga.  

So… this marks the first of many New Moon Rituals we’ll have together as a community and there is wayyyy more ritual and magic on its way to you. 

We’re actually in top secret R&D mode on something very, very special as we speak. 

Anyhow, if you missed the New Moon Ritual, you can watch the replay right here. There’s still time to benefit from the powerful energies present for a few more days.   

The New Moon in Libra officially arrived on Thursday, October 19th at 12:12 PM PT /3:12 PM ET however, you can work with its energy for up to 3 days before and 3 days after its appearance.   

Watch the Feminine Magic® New Moon Ritual replay right here

And… with deep gratitude to those who sat in circle… and to energize the unfolding of your Desires (whether you were able to join us live or not), here are 10 more amazing manifesting resources we’ve created over the past bit that will boost your New Moon magic: 

To activate your natural ability to manifest on command” and create miracles every day 

  1. The Only 4 Manifesting Tools You’ll Ever Need To Call In Everything You Desire 
  2. The Core Manifesting Process: 7 Steps To Manifesting Any Outcome Every Time 


To create or amplify your daily manifesting practices…  

  1. 10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration In 5 Minutes Or Less 
  2. The 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan: A Simple Practice To Begin Manifesting Your Desires In 30 Days Or Less 
  3. A Fire Bowl Releasing Ritual To Make Way For Your Highest Good 
  4. Join us on Facebook for Essential Oil Magic (a special group where I share all about my secret manifesting weapon and how to use oils in  your manifesting practice) 


And to troubleshoot your manifesting (because if it hasnt happened yet or if drama is afoot— theres always a reason) 

  1. What To Do When Your Manifestations Aren’t Showing Up  
  2. Why “Divine Timing” Is A Myth 
  3. You’re Upleveling… So Why Do You Feel Like Crap? 
  4. 3 Manifesting Habits You Must Master To Create Money On Command 

May these articles, practices and tools serve to energize the intentions you’ve set this New Moon and beyond.  

PS: Please join us next month for our New Moon in Scorpio Ritual on Tuesday, November 21st at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. Put the date in your calendar now. 

And until then, drop me a comment to share what you’re calling this New Moon cycle so we can hold a vision of your success.   

Bright Blessings!