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10 true facts about me

  • My purpose in life is to teach women how to transform their potential into reality, magnetize their Desires, manifest their mission, and create their lives by choice. In short, magic.
  • I am as grounded and practical as they come. Born into a family of scientists, I have a masters of computer science from NYU.  I spent 10 years as an engineer before I quit to honor my Creative Spirit.
  • I am also as “woo-woo” as they come, a priestess and Divine Feminine Magician in 3” platform heels. I’m a proud Wiccan initiate (Protean tradition) and have practiced Tarot for 15+ years.
  • I passionately believe that it’s time for conscious, spirit-led women to become the new models for wealth, power, influence and success.  The question that inspired my business school for women entrepreneurs is, “What if the wealth of the world was in the hands of the Divine Feminine?”
  • I became a coach because it’s magic in action.  The right question at the right moment can crack someone open and change a life after years of therapy (and everything else) has failed.
  • I believe that entrepreneurship is the ultimate magical tool.
  • I am a writer, first and foremost.  I am a storyteller.  The answer to the question “What kind of stuff do you write?” is “The stuff where the magic is real.”
  • One of my deepest commitments is to that of continuous self-improvement. I regularly invest between $25,000 and $75,000 in my personal growth education every year.
  • I’m happily married to a guy named Leland, a talented artist and illustrator who rocks the compassion and keeps me aligned with my mission, every day.  Our daughter’s name is Brigit Aurelia.  Brigit is for the Goddess Brigit.  Aurelia is for Marcus Aurelius.  (Why yes, she is an old soul.  Who wiggles.  A lot.
  • Despite me being the witchy one and the Divine Feminine Magician and all that, it was really Leland who manifested our daughter.  Which could explain why she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and will likely grow up to be tall.

Elizabeth Purvis

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