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Feminine Magic®

Feminine Magic®

Oddly, when defining magic, the first bit is getting clear on what magic is NOT.

The magic we’re speaking of here is NOT stage magic, or Harry Potter magic. It is not “casting spells” in the Hollywood sense.

Magic is about YOU – specifically, transforming yourself.

To practice magic, you must understand that you are Creatrix. And that deep inside you there lies the urge to grow, expand, to be fully self-expressed.

The urge is primal. It creates longings. Desire.

Which means that underneath everything, there is something that you care about, very much.

I call this urge your Desire (with a capital D). It’s the deepest urge that we have as human beings. And so…

Magic is about reconnecting with your creative core – your Essence – and LIVING from that place, every single day.

Sounds easy, right? The problem is this:

While each of us has something that we wish to express in the world that is uniquely OURS… part of the human experience is to develop a whole set of mechanisms designed to protect ourselves from ever getting it:

  • The belief that we’re not enough, we’re unlovable, we can’t trust the world
  • The idea that there aren’t enough resources – money, time, etc
  • The lack of awareness – that you have a deep primal creative urge in the first place!
  • Not knowing what you really, really want
  • Feeling like you have to follow someone else’s plan (i.e., “should”ing on yourself)
  • Being taken out of your feminine by pushing, striving, “doing,” over-achieving
  • Day to day circumstances

All of the things that come between YOU and manifesting your true desires – the Desires of your Essence, or Higher Self – are an illusion.

Magic is the path of breaking free of the illusion of separation and realizing that you are a whole, complete, powerful creator, in partnership with the Divine.

Magic is the path of Return.

What Is Feminine Magic®?

Feminine Magic® is the ongoing act of reclaiming your birthright as the Powerful Creatrix you are.

It’s a happy blend of old school Western magic, Universal Law, cutting-edge modern changework techniques and – but of course – the uniquely Feminine Magical Arts.

It’s the result of taking my 20+ years of study of traditional magic, feminine spirituality, spiritual law and energy work, and distilling it all into a system to bring the Desires of your Essence into physical form.

In other words, it’s a uniquely feminine way to manifest your mission. To get what you really, truly want. To become who you’re meant to be.

How It Works:

The Core Manifesting Process

“Magic is the art of causing changes in consciousness in conformity with the Will.” – Dion Fortune

At the heart of Feminine Magic® is the Core Manifesting Process, a powerful framework for creating exactly what you Desire, every time.

It’s a breakdown of how manifesting actually works – so you can create consciously, instead of on autopilot.

The Core Manifesting Process peels back the curtain to show you the structure of how we manifest. It empowers you to use the Laws of Spirit and your own energy in a way that gives consistent, predictable results – while allowing the Universe to delight you.

In other words – it’s still magical. 🙂 And the best part?

While you can use the Core Manifesting Process to call in specific outcomes (more money, the juicy relationship, the dream vacation, etc)… its REAL power lies in helping you create permanent, lasting transformation.

There’s no question that manifesting the fun stuff is, well, fun. But in order to manifest your highest calling – the BIG stuff – you have to go deeper. Break free of beliefs. Transcend unconscious patterns. Stop living life on autopilot.

Feminine Magic® gives you the tools to do all of that… and more.

The Core Manifesting Process is the framework of how human beings create REAL change – a roadmap for facilitating transformation and achieving goals. By understanding how transformation really works, you’ll be able to see EXACTLY where you are in the process.

And because no framework is of any use on its own, we dive deep into the energetic and practical tools for transformation – all from a distinctly feminine point of view.

Ready For More?


Step one is to download our free guide: the only 4 manifesting tools you’ll ever need to create everything you could ever want. These are your 4 core magical tools on which everything else in magic is based. (Hint: you have them already.) Download your guide here.

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