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There’s a lot of advice out there about what it takes to scale a transformational business to consistent $20k, $50k or even $100k months. 

Webinars… funnels… launches… high-converting “sales conversations”… 

And “mindset”… (can’t forget about mindset 😉 )… hiring team… 

Maybe a book… (for that authority and credibility)… 

An online course… (for lead generation, and that whole “make money while you sleep” thing)…. 

Podcast… YouTube channel… Facebook/LinkedIn/Insta/Pinterest… 

And I could go on. 

Here’s the thing… 

It’s NOT that those strategies don’t work, or can’t make you a ton of money. 

They all work.  ALL of them can make you a ton of money.

But ALL of them can COST you a ton of money, time and energy…  

… especially when your business is silently plagued by one of the most common invisible “money leaks” that I see.  

Imagine for a moment that you’re in the business of selling water. 

You have access to an unlimited supply of healthy drinking water – a HUGE reservoir, let’s say.   

All you have to do is transport the water from point A, the reservoir, to point B, where all your thirsty customers are. 

So you install a shiny new set of pipes.  You now have a way to transport the water.  Cool! 

WHICH pipe is going to be more efficient, and therefore more profitable: the pipe that’s three inches wide, or… the pipe that’s THREE FEET wide?  

Putting the engineering details aside for a moment… (as you may have guessed, I know ZERO about building pipes for realz … 😉 ) 

… it’s obvious that the pipe that is THREE FEET wide is going to allow for a LOT more water to come through. 

Now imagine that you want to call in $500,000 in your business this year. 

To meet that goal, you need a way to get your special blend of “water” – aka your transformation – to the customers who are thirsty for said special blend of water. 

Which is going to be easier: to attract and enroll FIVE HUNDRED of those customers, or… to attract and enroll TWENTY of those customers? 

The answer is pretty clear… 

To sign up 500 clients in, say, an online course or group program
for $1000…  

… you’re going to be DOING a lot.   

You could try enrolling those peeps from your Facebook page or Instagram account, but… you’d quickly discover that it’s going to take some kind of automated system, and paid advertising. 

Signing up 20 clients over the course of an entire YEAR, though? 

The numbers work in your favor.  Even if all you’re doing is posting on your Facebook page a few times per week. 

Which brings me to THE BIGGEST mistake I see transformational entrepreneurs making when it comes to scaling UP their Highest Level Transformation (the heart-work they are born to do)… to $20k, $50k, even consistent $100k months and beyond. 

If you’re struggling to make, say, $50k per month… 

… I’d bet a milkshake (made KETO, of course 😉 ) that the source of your struggle is NOT “the strategies.” 

The REAL source of the struggle is… your FOUNDATION underneath
the strategies. 

I’m talking about your OFFERS. 

And not just ONE offer, but your FLOW of offers.  Also known as… your business model. 

Your offers are the “pipe” by which MONEY flows into your business. 

With OPTIMAL offers… money will FLOW into your business.  In large amounts, without a lot of effort. 

With less-than-OPTIMAL offers, though… your money flow will STALL to a trickle.  And ZERO amount of “strategies” or hard work will change that. 

Doesn’t matter what you’re selling… it’s going to take a lot more “doing” to sign up 500 clients, than 20 clients.

The difference?  

Optimal OFFERS. 

So what makes for an OPTIMAL offer – the kind that allows cash to flow into your business, effortlessly? 

There is a true art to creating irresistible offers – more than what we can cover in an email.   

However, we can easily get you started with a few key questions… 

  • Start with the right person.  WHO Is your transformation perfectly suited for? 
  • Then, WHAT is that transformation that you are offering them?  Is it what they really want? 
  • Then, HOW are you different from all the other options out there?  What makes your solution preferable to all the other options out there? 
  • Then, HOW is that transformation delivered?  In what kind of setting (or “container,” as I usually say – also known as your program)… and at what fee? 
  • Finallywhat comes NEXT?  What opportunity do you have, to continue to serve them? 

That last one is the bit that just about everyone misses… and yet, it’s where the big PROFIT is usually made. 

Now you might be saying to yourself, “Elizabeth, my clients won’t pay more than I’m currently charging.” 

Or, “I’m offering my group program at $1000, so that it’s easy to say yes to.” 

Know what? 

With the RIGHT offer to the RIGHT person… it’s just as easy for them to say YES to $5000 as it is to say YES to $1000. 

Serve them well at $5000… then it’s super-easy for them to say YES to a program at $20,000. 

Indeed, one of our Highest Level Leaders JUST sold two 90-day programs for over $30,000… each. 

The service?  Accessing Divine Consciousness – aka channeling.  (And teaching her clients to do the same.) 

Oh yeah, she also sold a year-long program – the next step – for
over $100,000. 

All told…  she made close to $180,000.  With THREE SALES to her
best clients. 

You see… the thing about your business model – aka the FLOW of offers that creates massive MONEY FLOW in your business –  is… 

… it’s just a choice. 

You get to choose the WHO, WHAT, HOW, HOW and NEXT
outlined above. 

Choose a business model that amplifies your Highest Level
Transformation, and money will FLOW to you, like clear water
running through big pipes.  

Or… insist on SMALLER pipes… and that money flow stays at a trickle. 

So which sounds easier to you?   

If you’re not happy with your current choice… no biggie!   

Just choose again.    You’re welcome to use the questions above to
guide you. 

After over a decade of crafting irresistible, high-profit offers for our clients, and showing them how to do the same… I’ve discovered that, for coaches-healers-mentors who just want to get their Highest Level Transformation into the world…  

… there is one business model (flow of offers) that is more efficient, simple, and PROFITABLE than all the others out there… BY FAR. 

Indeed, it blows everything else away when it comes to allowing in the MOST amount of profit with the greatest amount of EASE, freedom
and time off. 

Now before you think this is some cookie-cutter “blueprint” or “step by step system” that turns you into a clone of your competitors…  

… rest assured that at the CORE of this business model is YOU, and your MAGIC – aka your Highest Level Transformation. 

In other words, it couldn’t be “cookie cutter” if you tried. 

What it will do, however… is create the MOST money flow from your Highest Level Transformation… without funnels, webinars, live events… or even a lot of time spent on the phone. 

I’ll be teaching this business model in my brand NEW year-long mastermind, the Highest Level Leader Collective. 

Our goal?  To scale your Highest Level Transformation – again, this is the SOUL-LEVEL work you were BORN to do – to consistent $50k++ months. 

We have just a couple of spots open for ambitious, committed coaches-healers-mentors, who are ready to add $200k-$400k or even more to their business this year. 

Is that you? 

Just send me an email and say a few words to let me know, and we’ll send over the next steps.