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I’m bringing a group of ambitious, established coaches-healers-mentors who want to take their business to $20k-$50k-$100k per month… 

… without a huge team… 

without complicated funnels… 

without low-end “online courses” (unless you want to)… 

without spending a ton of money on ads… 

… and with the least amount of time on the phone in “discovery calls.” 

If you’re one of them, you’ll do it by delivering your Highest Level Transformation – the work you’re BORN to do.   

You’ll use systems that deliver 2x-5x more PROFIT while freeing up time (i.e. cutting your delivery hours by a third, half, or even more).   

You’ll do it by activating THE most potent untapped resource within you – your Frequency – to become a magnet for “all things ideal” (cash, clients, opportunities, etc) and establish yourself as the highly paid transformational leader you’re meant to be. 

All within a sisterhood of high-achieving, rockstar women committed to BE-ing leaders in consciousness and living life FULL OUT on their terms.  

Think you might like to be considered? 

Send an email to me at and tell me what interests you about this, and we’ll follow up with next steps. 

…This new group I’m putting together is for established “change agents” (coaches, healers, teachers, etc). 

And since we’re talking about $50k months, the investment to be in this group is going be a little more than you’d make in, say, an online course.  😉 

That said, we’ll be working together to multiply that investment at least 10 times at a minimum. 

I just want to be upfront about these things, to give you an idea of whether it might be a fit. 

If $20k-$50k-$100k months (depending on where you start) is what you wish to create… send me an email to let me know you want to be kept in
the loop.