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You know those opportunities that are real turning points in your journey? 

One of those happened for me about 10 years ago.  (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) 

I’d been struggling for quite some time trying to make my business work… and not really getting anywhere. 

All of a sudden, the training I’d been praying for opened up.   

It hadn’t existed before, but I’d wished it had. 

What’s more, the investment was a HUGE stretch for me at the time. 

Then, my hubby Leland and I got into a HUGE fight about it. 

But I persisted, Leland finally came around… I did it anyway.   

And thank Goddess I did.   That training was the catalyst for – literally – everything that has transpired in my business since. 

After that training, I went from charging $1500 to $10k for my services… and easily getting that fee.  Within just a couple of weeks. 

I got a TON of visibility, too, and more opportunities just started flowing to me. 

The crazy thing is, I almost didn’t see it.    

(In fact, before the opportunity came along, I’d signed up for a different, “more affordable” program instead.  I thought the matter was closed.) 

Napoleon Hill talks about “the sly disguises of opportunity” – how the opportunities we seek are right there in front of us, but are often hidden in a place we can’t see, or are disguised as something we think we DON’T want.  

Attracting opportunity (and being able to SEE what you attract 😉 ) is a must if you are to manifest your Desires.   

A couple of years ago, I did a full training on this for the Feminine Magic® community.  (Which was called the 7-Figure Goddess community at the time.) 

I found it again recently – and remembered why we got SO many emails and messages from our peeps, raving about how it helped them instantly see the opportunities they were waiting for. 

This week, I’m pulling it out of the vault to share with you! 

“How To Become A Magnet For Opportunity” 

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You’ll discover: 

  • Why some women seem to have opportunities fall in their lap, while opportunity may be passing you by 
  • The two things you must shift in order to have more opportunities 
  • How to know if an opportunity is right for you 
  • My formula for attracting as many juicy opportunities as you want! 

The opportunities you need to manifest your dreams are always in your field.  

The question is will you see them, and will you act on them?   

Check out the training, and I’ll show you how. 

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