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As we head into 2019 – woo hoo! – change is on everyone’s minds.
Fresh starts. “This is the year I’ll… [X].”
Are you EXCITED? I know I am. And your clients are too.
But before you pop the bubbly (and count the cash from all those new ultra-premium clients 😉 )…
… be sure you’re not mistaking EXCITEMENT for COMMITMENT.
The work we do is EXCITING. Transformation is EXCITING.
It feels SO GOOD to vision into the possibility of 50 pounds gone, six-figure offers, dozens of marry-able men blowing up your phone, a “second honeymoon phase” with your spouse after decades of marriage or whatever it is.
But VISIONING is not the same as HAVING, on the physical plane.
And your clients’ EXCITEMENT is a far cry from COMMITMENT.
Have you noticed that your overly-excited potential clients… do NOT buy?
That’s because EVERY single program you offer involves actual, REAL transformation. Every single one.
Your clients can do all the mindset work, inner healing, and brain re-wiring that we want, but at the end of the day…
… if they want the change, they have to actually DO something different.
So… your clients will WANT the outcome.
They will get really excited by your program.
But until they see that the PAIN of staying the same is actually going to be greater than the pain (yes, pain) it will take to make the change…
… they will NOT buy.
Everybody gets excited at the prospect of finally being free of their trauma, being free of the urge to eat a whole bag of Oreos in front of the television on Saturday night, being FREE of the feast-or-famine roller coaster…
But excitement won’t buy a cup of coffee… (or kombucha, or whatever your bevvie of choice is).
Find out what the present pain is, what it’s costing them, and get into reality about whether THEY feel their pain is greater than the solution you propose – including the investment to work with you.
SHOW them how working with you is going to be the solution to their pain.
Stand FIRM in your ability to facilitate results, like the transformational rockstar you are – rather than discounting and diminishing.
When you take the lead from your Highest Level Frequency, and lovingly show them how the present pain is much greater than your solution…

… they’ll happily whip out their credit card… and pay you MORE.

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