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There’s no need to rush… 

Working together to dial in an “easy YES” offer for your Highest Level Transformation and signing up clients at $5k-$15k++ can
always wait… 

Goddess knows peeps have more plates in the air than ever. 

When you want those $10k++ clients… and yet you’re waiting for a client payment, or to enroll a new client, just to make SURE you can cover the program deposit…  

Well, I know how stressful that can be. 

You want the $5k-$15k clients now, but you’re feeling the stress of taking
a risk… 

And yet, you’re holding back because you want to be sure you do NOT stress yourself out. 

It’s a bind for sure… 

One of our Highest Level Transformation clients, Michelle, was feeling a lot of stress when she joined HLT a few months back. 

First, she wasn’t sure if she met the requirements for success in the program. (Good thing she asked – turns out she did.) 

She was also thinking twice about co-creating with me to dial in her $10k and $25k offers, when the money for her investment was “in limbo.” 

Potential clients who said “yes” but hadn’t paid yet… recurring income that hadn’t gone through yet… that sort of thing. 

Funny how our deepest fears around BE-ing the coach or healer who commands fees of $10k++ can affect our money reality! 

She decided, though, that it was waaay easier (and less stressful 😉 ) to be able to enroll ultra-premium clients whenever she chooses. 

Now, she does it when the time is right. 

What coach or healer couldn’t use that? 

Made a huge difference to Michelle. 

She’s a changed woman.  She’ll tell you herself.


She doubled her monthly income, and now she has time to really drop in and download her dream $50k++ offer. 

“I’m 100% sure I couldn’t have gotten this far without HLT,” she told me over Messenger.  


We know our Highest Level Transformation is NOT about the money. 

It’s about sooo much more than money. 

And money will never make you happy. 

But aren’t there a lot of problems that can be solved, or at least supported, if you can write a check for them? 

(Not all, I know.  But a LOT.) 

Money buys TIME, too. 

And one thing I know for sure… 

Time spent WAITING to get your $10k++ clients… 

… especially WAITING on external factors you can’t control… 

… is time – and money – that you can never get back. 

With my help dialing in their Highest Level Transformation offer, and calling in a couple of “easy like Sunday Morning” $5k-10k-$15k++ sales.  

If you’re like Michelle and want to call in $10k-$30k in January (with the tools to do it over and over and over again)…

I invite you to learn more by joining our Ultra-Premium Client Attraction
Facebook group.