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I’ll never forget a pivotal conversation I had with my Dad back when I was just beginning my entrepreneurial journey.  

I had just made the decision to leave my day job because I literally could not stand being there one more day.  

It was sucking the life out of me, damaging my marriage, and deep down I just knew there had to be something more.  

I had a calling from my Essence to work for myself (which at the time looked like being a fiction writer) and I was doing my best to explain this to my father. 

He was a bit concerned.  🙂 

Dad is an amazing man.  A tenured professor for 30+ years and a highly paid consultant, he is one of the top experts in his field, with thousands of adoring fans in the form of his students and colleagues.   

(To this day, people come up to me back home and say, “Aren’t you Professor Genco’s daughter?” and tell me how he changed their lives.) 

Careers in coaching didn’t exist when I was growing up. 

And careers teaching… manifesting, magic and Universal Law?  Uh, NO.   

So dad and I had a lot of conflict around what I was going to do with my life.  And when I called him up that day, right before I quit my J-O-B,
he asked… 

Elizabeth, what about security?” 

I thought for a moment and then said, “I have to be the source of my
own security now.”

While I later discovered that this is not entirely the truth, I was
getting closer.  

While my decision at the time might have seemed CRAZY to some,
and while it wasn’t without challenges along the way…  

… this ‘all or nothing’ decision was one of the smartest, safest moves I have ever made for my life. 

So here’s my question for you… 

As we head into 2019… what are you READY to go “all in” with, in
YOUR life?

Take a minute and think about it. 

And then, over the weekend… listen to THIS: 

The Magic of Going All In: Why Going For What You Want 100% Is The Safest Move You’ll Ever Make

Listen to the audio

Download the audio 

This audio was originally created for a content series we did a few years ago, “The 7-Figure Goddess Radio Show.” 

I was going through the archives and JUST found it. 

As we head into 2019… the wisdom I share (and practical steps) are just as relevant now as ever. 

Do YOU have a BIG Desire for massive success in 2019? 

It’s time to go for it.  The audio above will show you how. 

(One thing… you’ll hear some old offers from the time when it was originally recorded.  Please note that the “6-Figure Action Plan” sessions I mention in the audio are no longer available.)