Feminine Magic® December New Moon Manifesting Ritual

Elizabeth Purvis Ritual

Save the date! 

Our Feminine Magic® Community New Moon Ritual is happening next week on Thursday.

Join us December 6th at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET.   (time zone converter)
LIVE in the New Moon Manifesting For Miracles & Money Facebook group.

The new moon this month falls in Sagittarius, full of optimism and opportunity.   

This is a great time to let go of previous limitations and follow your bliss – whatever that means for you.    

I encourage you to take time during this new moon to seek new experiences that are meant to inspire and ignite your dreams.   

This new moon is also a time for grounding and healing, which of course, both aid in following our bliss.  

As always, if it is in your joy, here are a few things I invite you to have handy for
our ritual…

  • Your intentions for the current cycle and coming cycle
  • Tools for smudging (sage, cedar, palo santo, etc)
  • A brand new candle in a color that is in alignment with either your intention OR the energy of our present cycle
  • A meaningful object (crystal, jewelry, etc) that can hold your intention
    for the next month
  • A light snack for post-ritual grounding nibbles
  • An oracle deck you love
  • An “anchor piece” – a meaningful object (crystal, jewelry, etc) that can hold your intention for the next month
  • Your magical diary or journal for taking notes

Remember, NONE of these are required— Your presence is enough!

Simply head over to the Feminine Magic® New Moon Manifesting For Money & Miracles Group on Facebook on December 6th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET and join us.


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