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Yesterday’s masterclass, How To Manifest Your BIG Goals In 30 Days Or Less, was off the chain!!

It was my first LIVE masterclass in a while.

We had a ton of peeps show up LIVE, and it was SO FUN connecting
with everyone.

If you missed it, it’s all good.

My team and I decided to do an ENCORE!  (Live, of course.)

So you’ve got another opportunity to attend TOMORROW (Thursday, Nov. 15th).

Join me to discover the secret to consistent manifesting success, and the daily ritual that both I and our clients use to manifest significant goals in 30 days
or less.

(Recent win for me personally: a $65k week, with over half of that upfront in cash.  Just from having a few conversations.)

How To Manifest Your BIG Goals in 30 Days or Less
Manifesting Masterclass with Elizabeth

Thursday, Nov 15th at 1pm PT / 4pm ET

Reserve Your Spot Here

This new masterclass is for you if…

  • You’re tired of HUSTLING to get what you want
  • You’ve tried other approaches and they’ve fallen short
  • You can manifest some things, but not ALL-The-Things (you can manifest love but not money, for example)
  • You want to get good at calling in the BIG things

And here’s what you’re going to learn / discover…

  • How to unlock your power to manifest with 100% certainty, every time
  • The simple ritual that brings me what I want on autopilot, usually in 30 days or less
  • How to 2x – 10x your manifesting results, without hustling your butt off
  • The key to shifting OUT of driving “do-do-do” mode, and into your feminine energy of allowing, BE-ing and receiving
  • The Core Manifesting Process® – my real-life-tested manifesting system that works consistently (and how to make it work for you)

Above all, you’re going to want to be there if you’re committed to living your purpose, and experiencing massive energetic expansion and FREEDOM while you’re here on the planet.

The class is TOMORROW (Thursday, November 15th) at 1pm PT / 4pm ET.

Reserve your spot here for the masterclass.

Can’t wait!

Love and magic,

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