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Ever noticed that the minute you’re leaning in to the idea of something NEW… 

… and BIG… and freaking EXCITING… and WAAAAAY outside your comfort zone… 

Then, you’ll immediately feel the resistance. 

And then your mind goes, “nuh-uh”… 

“I can’t have THAT”… 

“It won’t work because…” 


Yes, the “comfort zone” is a real thing. 

Your mind is actually programmed since birth to BLOCK YOU from going full bore
toward what you want… when what you want is something different than what you’ve
had before.   

So what does this mean? 

It means that all those “yeahbut”s… all that contraction… all that resistance… 

… is just a trick of the mind. 

It’s NOT true, and it’s definitely not Truth. 

So when it appears, you have two choices. 

OPTION ONE: You can battle with your mind, get into push-pull arguments with yourself, and spin your wheels on how frustrated you are, in this state of wanting and not
having, OR… 

OPTION TWO: You can surrender to the TRUTH that… you want what you want.  And then allow yourself to have what you want. 

I know, I know.  Sounds crazy.  But it really IS that simple.   

The drama your ego mind creates is NOT the Truth.  It FEELS like it… because that’s exactly how your mind is TELLING you to feel. 

So you can stay stuck in the battle, or… 

 you can just surrender, say YES and allow. 

Now, in those moments… those moments when you Desire The Thing, and your head is going “no,” and you’re doing this pinball push-pull thing back and forth with yourself… it’s really helpful to know WHY you can actually SAY YES, without fear. 

So here’s WHY you can have what you want right NOW. 

First of all, you always know the difference, deep down, between your Ego mind bullshizzle and what your Essence, Soul and Higher Self really want. 

You always know. 

So when your Soul is saying YES, I Desire THAT… 

… what you’re really following is DIVINE Desire. 

You’re following the Universe’s first law, which is: MORE LIFE. 

If you want to reach your full self-expression… you need to really GET this. 

Like, not an intellectual, I’ll-stay-in-my-head-to-avoid-the-discomfort kind of “getting
it,” but… 

… an UNDERSTANDING that only comes from experience.  From living it first hand. 

Let’s say you want to massively uplevel what you’re charging, and who
you’re serving.

You’re tired of “dialing it in” in your Zone of Excellence.  You’re TIRED of the scramble to “make money.” 

And it’s no surprise, right?  Because it’s NOT WORKING. 

That urge you have for expansion is your Highest Level Self saying… “Hey… it’s time to let go of what you’ve outgrown.  It’s time for the next iteration of the Highest Level version
of US.”   

“It’s time to allow in MORE.” 

And here’s the REALLY wild part… that your “rational mind” or Ego does NOT want you
to know… 

You can ONLY have that Desire from your Highest Level Self when the WAY for that Desire to come into your life is ALSO present. 

This means that… what you seek is also seeking you. 

And you already have everything you need. 

If you want to serve clients at your Highest Level, and receive incredible money
in return… 

… you ALEADY have enough knowledge / training / wisdom. 

… you ALREADY have something you can offer (even if you don’t know what
it is… yet)

… you’ve ALREADY charged enough before now.   

… you ALREADY have enough leads. 

… the people are ALREADY on your list and in your world – even if you don’t
have a list.

… they ALREADY Desire to pay you, because they ALREADY Desire the highest expression of your Divine Work. 

This is Law. 

In other words… the money, clients and full self-expression you really want is HERE, and it’s here RIGHT NOW, and you can have it, right now. 

The TRICK, of course… is to SAY YES instead of falling into the illusions of the mind. 

The trick is to just MOVE FORWARD despite what your mind is saying, or whatever else is being presented to you. 

Because the Mind will DENY DESIRE every time that it can get away with it. 

And the more you let your mind get away with it… the more time slips by, the more you long for what you really want… when you REALLY can just have it already.  

Every day you wait, is a day you miss out – on income, service, extraordinary satisfaction … and so have your people. 

Every day you WAIT is another day being stuck in the longing and the frustration – not just for you, but for THEM too! 

Which is just plain silly, since you both can just Have The Thing already. 

So the next time you think you CAN’T… 

I’m going to challenge you to cut through that crapola. 

Instead of getting lost in it… just allow it to be. 

And then go STRAIGHT for what you really WANT. 

If you Desire ultra-premium clients, say… and by that I mean, show up in YOUR Highest Level Self, that exists already, and do the deepest work you’ve ever done for the fees you REALLY want… 

YES, it’s going to require getting uncomfortable. 

You might have to use money you’ve set aside for something else to invest in yourself.   

You might have to be willing to put some things out there, not knowing if they will “work” or not. 

You absolutely WILL have to make yourself visible to the clients who want to PAY you, so they can hire you. 

You WILL have to let go of attachment to the outcome. 

You WILL have to CHILL OUT and HAVE FUN… instead of bumming around in the tension of “not having,” like you are right now. 

And really… what’s the alternative? 

Years ago, I was challenged by by a priestess in this way. 

“Are you WILLING to claim who you really are, and show up as that?”

I whined.  “I can’t!”  Blah blah blah. 

To which she said… “How on EARTH is where you are now any better, than showing up as who you REALLY are?” 

And I would put that to you, too. 

Whatever you’re holding back on is causing you some MAJOR discomfort. 

So how is that any better than the discomfort of BE-ing who you are, and ALLOWING the kind of results you really, truly Desire at a Soul level? 

So take a deep breath… 

The Divine has your back. 

You wouldn’t have the Desire were it not ALREADY here for you, in All the Ways. 

Now all there’s left to do is say YES. 

And really, that’s about as simple as it gets.   

Big LOVE and so much MAGIC to you,

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