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“Frequency” and “vibration” have always been hot topics in the create-your-own-
reality conversation.

Everyone knows that it’s important to raise the vibe.

But do you know WHY it’s so important for you to consciously create your frequency so you can effortlessly create your results?

Knowing the WHY behind the principles is important.  Because it’s the distinctions that make the difference.

(A decade as an engineer taught me that one.  😉 )

So here’s the deal with frequency…

You’ve probably noticed that we live in a mirroring universe.

As one of my teachers says – there is NOTHING in our life that we do not create, promote
or allow.

This is NOT about blame and shame.  It’s about understanding this principle, and how energy actually works, and taking 100% ownership of your experience.

I’m going to share this from a spiritual perspective, as that’s my current language, and spiritual teachers have been sharing these principles for years.

But we know that they are starting to be demonstrated in the realm of science, too.  (Check out Lynne McTaggart’s works as a starting point, if you Desire more on this.)

Everything is energy.  We are surrounded by, and made up of, Creative Substance.

We are OF it, and we live IN it.

We couldn’t get away from it if we tried.

And it – Creative Substance – responds to us.

The first great law of the Universe is that energy just is.  (“All is mind, the Universe is mental.”  This is from one of the great works of Western esotericism, The Kybalion.)

And energy is always moving from a non-form, into FORM, and back again.

Whether you call it God, Goddess, Spirit, Creative Substance, “The Thinking Stuff” (Wallace Wattles), Creative Life Force Energy, or the Field…

… this vast SEA of energy that we all come from, and swim in, is constantly responding
to us.

And it responds to us in the ONLY way it can, which is… by feeding you back the SAME form in which you broadcast your energy OUT.

The Field functions by receiving input from us in the form of frequency, and giving us that input BACK.

But what FORM does it come back in?

Perceptions.  Opportunities.  Things “showing up.”  Things you can ACTUALLY see.

Manifestation is NOT about creating “stuff” out of thin air.

Manifesting is about becoming aware – or being able to perceive – things that already exist in your environment.

So… whatever you’re broadcasting OUT…

… is going to be reflected BACK to you, in the form of stuff showing up in your life.

The things you see mirrored back to you can be viewed as “good” or “bad” – it really depends on your perception.

Want to “see” different “things?”

Like NEW opportunities to call in money, clients, a new house, the right school for your kids, or whatever you’re Desiring to attract?

Shift your FREQUENCY to be in alignment with that which you Desire to attract.

Where “attraction” really means “ability to actually SEE opportunities to be-do-have what is already there.”

There’s more to this – a LOT more.

But this is the KEY piece when it comes to frequency.

With this ONE awareness and then understanding… you can change everything.

Your frequency touches EVERYTHING in your business…

  • Your ability to be SEEN and VISIBLE, so that opportunities can find you
  • Your perception in others’ eyes as an expert or an authority
  • The people you attract – clients, friends, lovers, team (this is HUGE!)
  • Your ability to have relationships
  • Downloading and channeling new bodies of work, including programs at all different price points and levels
  • Being fully booked 6 months out (as one of our Highest Level Transformation clients was, by the end of 10 weeks in the program)
  • Effortlessly enrolling your programs (including group programs – like another Highest Level Transformation client, who started signing up $5k group clients when she never could before)
  • Creating six-figure income breakthroughs in a few weeks (our clients have done it)…
  • And, you know… how you FEEL on a day-to-day basis…

And more.  Like, everything.

You can use your frequency to predictably control exactly what shows up in your world.

Don’t like what’s showing up in your world?

(Lack, debt, codependent or manipulative peeps, anything…)

Shift your frequency, and you’ll start to experience the world a lot differently.

Of course, this is easier SAID than DONE.  Because our HUMAN selves want to pull us back to the old way.

(It’s a lot simpler, and easier, when you have systems for it, like those we teach in The School of Manifesting and Highest Level Transformation.)

But nonetheless… your awareness is powerful.

Awareness is the catalyst for change.

So the next time you have RESULTS in your life that you DON’T want, get curious and
ask yourself…

“What frequency (or frequencies) am I broadcasting OUT, that this circumstance is mirroring back to me?  

And what do I now choose instead?”

Just asking these two questions is going to shift your energy!  (Hint: curiosity is a frequency. 😉 )

And then stick with me, and watch for future trainings, where I’ll go into this in
more detail.

Have a beautiful day!

And remember… frequency matters.  Choose one that’s empowering.

Love & magic,

Elizabeth signature



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… then Step Zero – the foundation of everything – is showing up at the FREQUENCY that allows for that. 

Your Highest Level Frequency allows for a lot MORE than just those clients to find you, come to you, and pay you.  (As you’ve just seen above.) 

Nonetheless, if you Desire those clients, and a new experience with money… 

… FREQUENCY is where it all starts. 

Without your frequency being where it needs to be… all those checklists, templates, scripts and blueprints might as well be blank pieces of paper.  (Or PDF’s. 😉 ) 

Not to mention the fact that when you’re serving clients at those fees – the “blueprints” usually need to go bye-bye. 

Highest Level Clients don’t want the “blueprint” they can download off the internet on their own. 

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(Kinda hilarious that I’ve SYSTEMATIZED frequency, but… what can I say?  That’s my engineer’s mind for you. 😉 ) 

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Make it a high vibe day!!