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Sometimes, dear friends become clients.  And then rock it out. 

Such is the case with this Goddess, Penelope Jane Smith… 

Penelope and I have been in each other’s circles for years.  (That’s a picture of the two of us together at a retreat in 2014.) 

First she was on MY radar… way back in 2008, when I was still struggling, trying to find my place and my work, after I quit my J-O-B. 

I heard her on a podcast, talking about what she knows best – financial freedom
for women. 

We met soon after that.  And over the years we became friends. 

This spring, Penelope stepped into Highest Level Transformation.  (In fact, she was our very first client.) 

At that point, Penelope had been busting a move with 1-on-1 clients, after having her little one.  And like many new moms, she was beginning to feel burnt out. 

Once in the program, she realized (as many of our clients do) that the burnout was really a question of having the right business model. 

Plus, she was READY to claim her space in her Highest Level Brilliance –  financial freedom creation for entrepreneurial women getting a late start. 

So she designed a suite of programs, that all work together, with an ultra-premium option at the very top – her Highest Level Transformation. 

By the end of the program, she hosted a small event, where she made $120k in sales, including THREE brand new ultra-premium clients! 

And now she has a repeatable system to do it again… 

Best of all, she is fully in her ZONE, as a master teacher of wealth creation. 

Come join Penelope and I, as we jam together on Facebook Live, TOMORROW… 

How To Enroll 3 Ultra-Premium Clients In A Weekend
with Elizabeth and Penelope Jane Smith 

Wednesday, October 24 at 3pm PT (tomorrow) 

The Feminine Magic® Facebook Page:  

This is going to be a JUICY session! 

Join me LIVE tomorrow at 3pm on Facebook  and prepare to be inspired… 

(And oh yeah – be sure to bring something to take notes on.  😉 ) 

Love & magic,

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PS: Think you’re not “ready” for that kind of success? 

Think again! 

If you Desire it, it’s possible for you. 

If ONE woman has paved the way, it’s possible for you. 

And having taught income breakthroughs with high-end sales for a decade now… I can assure you… that many, many women in our world have created success, well beyond what they ever hoped for. 

And that makes me SO happy, because what our clients in Highest Level Transformation are REALLY up to is… breaking through their self-imposed limitations around what’s possible – with money, for themselves, and for their clients. 

The first step to busting through your income ceiling is getting REAL about what you
really Desire. 

If you truly Desire to make a massive leap in how you SHOW UP in the world, who you serve, and HOW you serve…  

If you’re ready to STOP HIDING the juiciest parts of yourself, CLAIM them FULLY, and ALLOW in the income you Desire and deserve, doing what you know you were put on this planet to do… 

… then email right now, to request your invitation to Highest Level Transformation.  Review it, then get your application back to me.  We’ll then have a conversation about next steps. 

Requesting your invitation does NOT commit you to anything.  But it does send a powerful message to Creative Substance that you’re really serious about what you Desire. 

And THAT can only be met and reflected back to you, in kind.  (Energy follows energy and intent, always.) 

Also?  We only have a few spots available this month.  So the longer you wait, the longer you’re putting your income breakthrough off.  (Power tip: the energy of waiting will get reflected back to you, too.  😉 ) 

Email to request your invite now.