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Recently I got to hang with one of our amazing clients, Michelle Orwick.

Michelle is one of our Highest Level Transformation clients who created epic results in a very short period of time – including doubling her income in under 90 days.

We did an interview and recorded it for you. You’ll find the replay below…

How Michelle Doubled Her Income In 90 Days
By Embodying Her Highest Level Frequency
Case Study with Michelle Orwick

REPLAY Available now on the Feminine Magic® Community Facebook Page

You’ll discover…

  • How Michelle made the shift from local (read: best-kept secret) healer, to impacting her clients worldwide while doubling her monthly income in under 90 days
  • The key factors that empowered Michelle to claim her space as the epic healer she already is, and quickly shift into much higher fees (2x – 3x what she was charging before)
  • How to inspire your clients to ELEVATE their own frequency and call forward the very best in them, so they get amazing results
  • How to amplify your results well past the end of the Highest Level Transformation program (hint: Michelle didn’t make just one program… 😉 )
  • The blessing of being in a high-level group with other rock star
    ambitious women…
  • And a lot more….

This interview rocked. Watch the replay now and prepare to be inspired.

Is it time for you, too, to stop hiding out, leave “best kept secret” status behind and claim YOUR space as a highly influential, highly paid LEADER of transformation?

Do you know deep down that it’s TIME to make your soul-level work THE highest offering you have – your Highest Level Transformation – and receive EPIC fees ($20k, $35k, $50k and UP) you know you Desire and deserve?

We have just a few spots available in Highest Level Transformation for October enrollment.

AND, it’s very very likely (not guaranteed, but likely) that this is the LAST enrollment campaign to our community this year.

Highest Level Transformation is NOT for everybody.

It’s for coaches, practitioners and healers who are ready to be true LEADERS, and living examples of the change they wish to see.

If that’s you, email now and send us a note requesting an invite.

Love & magic,

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PS: If you get your application ASAP… you’ll be a part of this brand new, just
added bonus…

… a workshop where I’ll walk you through creating your Highest Level Downsell.

WHAT is your Highest Level Downsell?

Well, imagine you’re talking to new clients about your Highest Level Transformation, and they are NOT YET a fit for your $20k-$35k-$50k program.

What do you do?

You’re going to want to enroll them into something. So you can still serve them, and
get paid.

This is where your Highest Level Downsell comes in.

It’s the offer for the peeps who are JUST BEFORE being ready for your Highest
Level Transformation.

It’s a way you can double your service, and double your results.

Until now, I’ve covered this HOT topic in group coaching calls. I haven’t yet done the
deep dive.

NOW, it’s time. And I’ll be gifting the workshop to anyone who joins us for Highest Level Transformation during the October enrollment period.

SO… if you’re READY to pull out all the stops and ALLOW your soul-contracted, best-of-the-best clients to PAY YOU the Highest Level Fees you know you’re meant to be charging… for the epic work you know deep down you already deliver (NOT what your “monkey mind” says, but what you know in
your HEART)…

… then EMAIL NOW to request your invitation. The invite has all the details of the program, including what you’ll get and the results you can expect.

Then get your application back to me right away.

PPS: 88% of the women who have taken Highest Level Transformation so far have made DOUBLE their investment back within a few weeks.

Email to request your invite now.