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Let me guess… 

You want better clients. 

You want MORE of those clients. 

You want financial abundance. 

You want full self-expression. 

You want to do what you love. 

You want to manifest everything you freakin’ want. 

You want to RECEIVE more because you ARE more. 

You want it to be easy…. 

… and you want it yesterday. 

Am I right, or am I right?  😉 

Well, the good news is… you can have all of that, and more. 

Indeed, it’s all already here.  

(You wouldn’t have had any of those Desires, were that NOT the case.) 

But there is ONE IMPORTANT THING you need to STOP doing first, and that’s… 

STOP telling yourself that you suck.  🙂 

… STOP discounting your talents.
… STOP discounting your skills.
… STOP discounting your amazingness.
… STOP discounting YOUR GAME. 

All of that… 

“I’m not good enough yet” / “I don’t have the right background” / “I don’t have enough training” / “I need to go get some publicity” / “I need more credibility” / insert-your-“I NEED”-of-choice here… 

ALL of that gets to go now. 

See, if you think about it… the things your ego mind has you doing and thinking are kinda CRAZY.   

(And I mean that in a loving way, because here at Feminine Magic® we love up the ego.) 

On the one hand, you’ve been doing your thing for a while (whatever it is you do – be it coaching, teaching, healing others on [X])… you’ve gotten people great results… 

Or if you’re not in business, think of all the things you’ve already accomplished. 

You have TONS of evidence of how smart, loving, capable and AWESOME you already are. 

You already have PROOF of how you’ve helped people in epic ways. 

And then yet… 

As soon as you want something… very, very much… 

Your monkey mind sends you on the “I SUCK” loop-de-loop.  

The self-doubt, “I can’t promise results,” “I need XYZ,” the fear of “what if you might f—up”, what-if-someone-finds-you-out crap. 

If you really think about it… 

This shizzle is CRAZY.  CRAZY. 

Which is why… if you’re Desiring to go to your Highest Level, in business and life… 

If you want to claim your space as a Leader, and truly receive all that goes along
with that… 

… then first, you have to get REALLY disciplined about cutting this sh*t OUT. 

(In a loving way, of course.) 

See… in Universal Law (spiritual law)… there’s this thing called The Law of Sacrifice. 

It’s one of the little-known laws.  It’s not as s-e-x-x-y as, say, the Law of Attraction (yeah, let’s pretend that’s a thing for a moment, even though it’s actually the collective’s imagining of a few other Universal Laws)… or the Law of Polarity (which tells us that you have it all already – see above). 

The Law of Sacrifice kinda gets a bad rap, because it basically says… 

To receive something of a Higher Nature, you must first give up something of a lower nature. 

To receive something MORE, you must first let go of something that’s dragging you down. 

To the uninitiated, this sounds, well, sacrificial.  Like you have to GIVE UP something important to you. 

Because you DO have to give things up, you see. 

But oh my!  ALL THE THINGS you GET to give up! 

The self-doubt! 

The second-guessing! 

The crazy-as-hoo-hoo EGO MIND contortions, the fighting and grasping at the idea that you somehow SUCK or are not good enough! 


And if you’re ready to embody your Highest Level… you get to let it ALL go. 

So today… just for today, maybe… just as a thought experiment (as my husband likes to call them)… 

Just for a day, consider… 

What would be available to you if holding on to whatever form of “I SUCK” your mind is running… was just no longer important to you? 

What if you decided that you were never going to believe ANY form of “not good enough” / “ready enough” / “capable enough” / whatever-enough …. EVER again? 

I invite you to try it on.  Really, truly. 

Take it for a test drive. 

Because when you do, you’re going to discover… that you actually have to work REALLY HARD to hold on to these disempowering beliefs about yourself, your talents, your skills. 

It actually takes a TON of energy.  And you only do it now, because it’s what you’re used to, and maybe what you’ve always done. 

And that’s okay, because you’re already awesome – flaws, negative beliefs, and all. 

But you don’t have to put up with what’s dragging you down.  You don’t have to believe what the ego mind tells you. 

Especially if you Desire more… and are ready to receive it. 

So what would open up for you if you CLAIMED your GAME? 

Only one way to find out… 😉 

You game? 

I lovingly dare you.  🙂 

Love & magic,

Elizabeth signature



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