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Oh my goodness. I’ve been home from Egypt for a full week, and yet I am STILL energetically hanging out in this magical land…

Who knew that re-entry would take this long? 🙂

As you can imagine, I’ve been processing a lot, BE-ing with a lot, not sleeping very
much… #jetlag

Nonetheless, I wanted to touch base as we wrap up
the week…

Yeah, the women of the Feminine Magic® community – YOU – have been on
my mind.

In a call for our Highest Level Transformation program this week, one of our clients asked me to share the biggest shift that I personally had in Egypt.

“What wisdom can you give us from this incredible experience, that will make the biggest difference as we embody our Highest Level?”

Biggest shift, biggest difference. Yes, AND yes.

For me, the journey to Egypt (that I just came back from, with 13 other women of the Feminine Magic® community – for those of you who are just joining us, or otherwise missed info about the trip) has always been about who I really am and what I’m here
to do.

“I am” is so powerful, and yet also very limiting. It’s one of those paradoxes that magicians like to hang out in. You ARE so much more than one “I am,” two “I am”s… a dozen “I am”s or one thousand “I am”s.

You are sooooo much more.

So when I say things like…

I am a magician.

I am a priestess.

I am a master business coach, an author, a teacher, a healer, a mother, a wife,
a mentor…

… none of that even begins to scratch the surface.

While at the same time, it just IS.

I knew this trip was going to be about CLAIMING and EMBODYING what has been true about me for at least the past 20 years, if not 40 years, if not more.

The “I am” magician / witch / priestess / ritualist / teacher-of-magic are not just words.

They just ARE.

Nonetheless, my understanding of how deep this shizzle runs in me had been, until a few weeks ago, been hanging out on the level of intellectual understanding.

Well, actually, that’s not quite right.

When I was training with my old tradition, I was well aware of my mastery in the area of magic, even before I took the initiations to back it up.

Then, our time as a group completed. I stepped out of leading circle for others.

I quit my job, said YES to my purpose… and in so doing, entered a very “3D plane” aspect of doing that: the online world, with its coach trainings, programs, big personalities, and all-the-things that go along with an industry of souls trying to make their way in the world of personal and planetary healing. The shadow and the light.

And so, I lost sight of it all. My understanding of Who I Am on the leader-of-magic level went from, like, an 8 (on a scale of 1-10)… to a ZERO (yes, really)…. to maybe a 6
or a 7.

Now, it’s at a TWENTY.

Now, it’s embedded in me in a way that is never going to go away, or be dialed down,
ever again.


Not because I went to Egypt, per se. Because in Egypt, I stopped resisting it. Stopped resisting the Truth.

And THAT is the invitation here for YOU, too.

I see you.

You’re freaking GREAT.

However… if you’re human like the rest of us… you’re resisting the shizzle out of it.

And that causes ALLLLL sorts of drama!

Meanwhile, you’re freaking great. All there is to “do” is to just accept it.

When you do…. All of the need to prove yourself goes right out the window.

When you accept YOU, and do YOU…

You stop comparing yourself to others.

You stop looking at what everyone else is doing, in order to make your decisions.

You stop discounting your talents, skills and gifts.

In the business realm, you stop setting your fees according to what you THINK is possible or THINK you see in front of you… and set them according to the transformation
at stake.

Sure, you might get triggered by something or someone… but then you just move on.

You no longer have to make sure your posts and your programs convey how great you are, or self-expressed you are, because hello, it’s not even a question.

You no longer have to prove yourself.

And nobody and NOTHING has power over you.

Your greatness JUST IS and everyone can see it. Everyone can feel it… because YOU feel it.

You’ve accepted it within yourself.

One of the things I’m loving about our Highest Level Transformation clients is how this aspect of the work is showing up.

One of our clients has completely stopped caring about being “pushy” when it comes to sales and connecting with clients.

“If you like or comment on my post, I’m going to be reaching out to you,” she says.

WHY? Because that’s who she is. The Highest Level Her is fiercely LOVING about her people, and just won’t let any ego bullshizzle get in the way of that.

I LOVE it. That is a beautiful demonstration of dropping the ego in the name of freedom, service and full self-expression.

So as we head into the weekend… I invite you to tune in to YOUR greatness.

I invite you to take a sacred pause, and in that sacred pause, notice how REALLY FREAKING GREAT you truly are.

While you’re at it, also pay attention to your special talents and skills. And instead of discounting them or explaining them away… lean into them and allow yourself to have the awareness of how great you really are with them.

This takes a lot of bravery, actually.

And then while you’re noticing, also notice how much resistance you have right now to really CLAIMING all of that.

And then decide if you really want to keep hanging out in that resistance. <3

Because you don’t have to.

You don’t have to hang out in all-that-is-NOT-the-Divine-You any longer.

It takes courage, and it takes a decision. You have been Divinely gifted with both.

Have a beautiful weekend. I’ll have more lessons from the land of magic for you
very soon.

Love & magic,

Elizabeth signature



PS: The picture was taken at what became one of my favorite destinations on the trip – the temple of Hatshepsut, one of Egypt’s women Pharaohs. Her story is fascinating, not the least of which because she just…. decided that she was going to take the throne, and did it. She was acting on her infant son’s behalf, until she just went ahead and assumed the position herself.

She knew who she was.

She knew what she was born for.

And so do you. <3 <3 <3

PPS: While I was gone, our Highest Level Transformation clients were up to some
epic shizzle!

One of them added up all the income she booked since the start of the program.
Total: $106k.

Another enrolled her first $50k client.

Another has been showing up entirely differently at industry conferences, and attracting bigger media opportunities.

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Signing up Highest Level Clients at ultra-premium fees is great, of course. Does wonders for your cash flow.

But the REAL magic of this program? Embodying your Highest Level Frequency in very practical ways.

Our clients go through a massive upleveling, because they’ve made a commitment to be who they really are, and they discover how to package that in a way that is utterly magnetic, and gets them PAID, 2x – 10x and beyond.

And the results are MUCH more than signing up a couple of Highest Level Clients.

Your Highest Level Frequency affects EVERYTHING in your business. Which is why Highest Level Transformation may be the most game-changing decision you’ll ever make in
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