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Imagine working with a photographer whose expert skill is matched by her grace and presence… 

Who can easily do what so few photographers can, which is… to record your Essence on film… 

Imagine feeling confident and powerful in front of the camera, as she captures THIS moment in time.  You, as you really are – in all your magnetism and light. 

And not just for any reason, mind… so that you can transmit and impart your Light to others through your photos… so that they receive aspects of your most healing energy without you having to be there. 

Now imagine that it’s all going down during your sacred initiatory journey… in Egypt. 

IF you choose … you won’t have to “just” imagine. 

Because it’s actually happening, on our upcoming Feminine Magic® initiatory pilgrimage to Egypt in September.  (September 22 – October 5.) 

My personal photographer of many years, Jessica Daniels, will be joining us – as participant AND official photographer! 

This means that you will have the ENTIRE trip documented, by a woman whose photos rival anything out of National Geographic.  PLUS… you will also have your own mini-photo shoot, which means you’ll have your OWN set of branding photos… of you, in EGYPT… that you can use in any way you like. 

Here’s a photo of Jessica and I, taken during one of my favorite shoots, in 2016: 

If you’ve ever thought my photos are a distinct cut above most “branding photography” out there… I agree.  😉 

Jessica has the goods, which is why she has been my primary photographer
since 2013. 

Jessica’s photos (including YOUR mini photo shoot) is just ONE of the things that make this upcoming initiate’s journey to Egypt so special, and 
truly unique.  

You’ll greet the sunrise at dawn, standing between the paws of the Sphinx. (We have a private visit.) 

Guardian Sphinx guarding the tombs of the pharaohs in Giza - Egypt

You’ll activate your inner magician and receive the blessing of the Great Mother, Isis, She of 10,000 Names, at her temple at Philae. 

The Philae Temple on Agilkia

You’ll sail through the Egyptian countryside in our own private luxury yacht, experiencing the banks of the Nile as it has been for thousand of years. 


You’ll experience a private initiation in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid (if you so choose, in alignment with your highest good)… 

Sunlight over grate Giza pyramids.

And so much more. 


  • Plenty of ceremony with me and our expert tour guide, Halle Eavelyn (who is also a past client, colleague and dear friend) 
  • Concierge service to book your travel 
  • Door-to-door service when you arrive 
  • Luxury accommodations and transportation, all the way 
  • Sumptuous meals 
  • PHOTOS of it all, by my personal photographer Jessica Daniels 

All designed to activate your spiritual gifts and usher you into the next expression of your highest purpose. 

And all with an intimate group of ambitious, generative, successful spiritual women from the Feminine Magic® community. 

However you choose to activate your calling this year… it’s imperative that you
do so. 

We are all being called to step up in new ways.  In this Universal 11 year, now is the time. 

Some of the women in our community are being called to do the deeper work of magic in a BIGGER way. 

This means dis-creating that which no longer serves, and re-creating yourself on the physical plane in alignment with the multi-dimensional spiritual BE-ing you really are.  

For those of us who are called, there is no better place than Egypt for
this process. 

That’s our mission – while having an INCREDIBLY FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC time along the way!! 

Are you being called?  Do you have an inkling that YOU are to be a part of this one-time ONLY, Feminine Magician’s journey to Egypt? 

Honor that knowing, by requesting your private INVITE. 

Send an email to, and tell me a little WHY you are called, and why NOW. 

We’ll send you the invite and all the details. 

We are down to our last few spots, so you’ll need to act quickly.  Send an email to to personally to request your invite. 

Love & magic, 

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PS: We have an incredible brand NEW bonus for those who are claiming these last spots, and do so NOW.  

I can assure you, this will be my ONLY first tour to Egypt, and the ONLY one where all the perks – private visits, an extra-long Nile sail on a private boat, photos from my personal photographer of amazing-ness – all come together in this way. 

In other words, this opportunity will not come again.  If it is calling you,
honor that! 

We’re almost full.  Send an email to to request your private invite!