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Over the weekend, I began my energetic preparations for our upcoming trip
to Egypt. 

Part of that included reviewing our itinerary.  And I’ve got to say… 

This is going to be a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME a Feminine Magician’s activation! 

Want a sneak peek?

Here are just some of what we’re going to be up to… 

We begin at the world renowned Mena House Hotel. a luxurious, one-of-a-kind hotel with a rich history… and the Pyramids will be literally right outside
our door.

Mena House

The Mena House has played host to kings and emperors, heads of state, countless celebrities… and now us! 

Then we’ll kick things off for real with a private visit to the Great Sphinx at dawn.  Nobody will be present but our group – we even get to stand between the paws of the Sphinx (that’s our amazing guide Halle in the photo – this will be her 21st tour of Egypt… 


The next day, we’re off to the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, to immerse in the spiritual legacy of queens, scribes and healers.   

The museum is home to over 120,000 artifacts, and of course… the Goddess herself resides here, rendered in hieroglyphs and reliefs, brought to 3-dimensional life in stone. 

From there, we head to Aswan, where we’ll board our main source of transport on our journey – our own private yacht, the Alfandina.


Nile at Sunset

We’re going to be sail the Nile, experiencing it as it was thousands of years ago… for a full EIGHT days. 

Of course we won’t be sailing the entire time.  We have plenty of visits, ritual and magic along the way, including the one that I am probably most looking
forward to… 

… private sunrise meditation and the Temple of Isis at Philae.  

Philae Temple


Isis is known as the Goddess of 10,000 Names because she has so many aspects.  She is Great Mother (to Horus), Lover (of her beloved Osiris)… and – of course – THE master magician.  And WE get to commune with her in her own
inner sanctum.   

Yes, the master magician is a WOMAN.  I often marvel at how we have lost sight of that… 

Isis is also the trickster… the master healer… she truly encompasses the depth and breadth of the archetypes of the Sacred Feminine.

Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis

Isis is, and has been, the guiding Goddess for the creation of Feminine Magic® and all that we do in our community.  I can’t wait to lead ritual here! 

Then we sail the Afandina, through the Egyptian countryside to Edfu where we get to see landscape that has barely changed a
thousand years.   

The Nile’s edge is the essence of Mother Nature and her untamed beauty. 

Then it’s off to the Temple of Horus.


Horus was married to the Goddess Hathor, and his temple is a mirror image of Dendarah, dedicated to Hathor.  His myth and symbol, the Eye of Horus, contains both lunar and solar energy, representing the balance of masculine and feminine that must be present for co-creation and true power.   

In a private ceremony, we will work to balance the lunar and the solar energies within us, and awaken our intuitive centers to new levels and access. 

Then it’s the magnificent temple of Karnak, followed by the Temple of Luxor, where we’ll work with the brilliance of the human body.  The temple is built like a human body, and is the perfect place to focus on physical healing. 

Our ceremony here will focus on the Goddess, igniting parts of you that are sleeping, activating Divinity codes and turning on your inner light. 


Throughout our journey, we will have plenty of opportunities to rest, integrate, and be nourished by the Great Mother as we continue to sail the Nile in our private yacht. 

We’ll also visit Dendera, in an exquisite temple dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of abundance, love and joy…


Then it’s off to the bazaar at Khan El Khalili in Cairo, in one of the oldest shopping districts in the world… (our guide, Halle, says that this is like going back to the time of Ali Baba…) 

And finally we’ll finish up at The Great Pyramid, where in the early morning we’ll have a special private visit… and a culminating initiation in The King’s Chamber. 

If this sounds like a journey that will wake up your DIVINE GIFTS… you’re right. 

Magicians have come to Egypt for years to do just that. 

And there’s a reason why so many seekers, teachers and leaders are
called here… 

The land changes you.  The stones change you.   

Egypt is THE place to activate your full-on awareness of your Divinity. 

Have YOU felt the call of Egypt, like so many priestesses, healers and magicians
before you? 

Do you FEEL and KNOW that there are parts of you that are waking UP? 

YOU get to choose the experience you want to have… 

If you want an intimate, ritual-rich awakening experience in Egypt, with other high-level women leaders… with unique PRIVATE visits that other groups simply do not get… 

THIS is your opportunity. 

Send an email to Tell me a little about why you are called.  And the team will send you your personal invite. 

Love & magic, 

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PS: When we get those inner promptings… we have two choices. 

Ignore them, or… follow them. 

Only ONE path leads to the magnificence that comes from being FULL-ON YOU, powerful and completely self expressed, spiritual gifts and all. 

You can WAIT to answer the call… but I know from experience (and you probably do, too)… that there is a lot of pain in waiting. 

And I can promise you, this will be the only initiate’s journey exactly like this. 

Send an email to to request your
private invite!