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First things first: let me just speak to the fact that it’s very difficult to do “business as usual” when thousands of children are getting separated from their parents at
the border.   

It’s on my mind constantly.  I have soooo much to say about it. 

AND, as a leader to you, I must continue leading and continue serving you. 

We all need to stand strong; transformational leaders need to rise to their Highest Level. 

And so, I’ll continue to teach, to show up, to model for you what magic in action
looks like. 

But know, right here and right now, that I feel it.  Deeply.   “Outraged” doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

Now then… 

What I have for you today is … some FIERCE wisdom on busting through plateaus, stalls, stalemates, stuck spots, what-have-you. 

Yes, we all have them.  That money shizzle that never goes away.  That relationship issue that you keep repeating on autopilot, unconsciously.  The stuff that you keep attracting no matter what you do. 

A couple of weeks ago I did a FB Live on the manifesting lessons from losing 40 of the 100 pounds I’m in the process of losing.  

Fact is, I was at that “40 pound lost plateau” for almost FOUR WEEKS. 

No weight lost for 4 weeks.  Ghah!  F**k!! 

For me and my ambition and my creation superpowers and just how I’m WIRED… that is a crazymaking amount of time for “nothing” to be happening. 

And it was crazymaking.  I was keeping my calories down.  I was doing
everything “right.” 



I wasn’t doing everything right.   

I was letting things slip.  

I was doing things MOSTLY right.   1200 calories a day instead of the 1000 required to continue dropping the weight via ketosis.  A leee-tle SNIDGE of processed food.   

Staying up too late.  120oz of water instead of the required 150oz.   

So! Close! 

So it was really flippin’ easy for my brain to say “Hey, you’re doing it right.” 

Plus: drama.  I’ve had a lot of “circumstance” pop up in those past 4 weeks.  Things tugging on my time and DEMANDING my attention. 

And meanwhile I’m going, “F**k off!  I’m trying to manifest over here!” 

(Yeah, so… have I ever told you all that I swear like a sailor in my personal life? 
I do.)  

Some of this, I just had to ride out. 

Circumstances come up.  They occupied time and space.  They need to
be handled.  

So it LOOKS like you’re not moving. 

But here’s the thing… 

It’s in THESE moments that you’re MOVING the MOST… if you handle it in a certain way. 

It’s no accident that all this hoo-ha showed up at the 40 pound mark. 

We are now FIRMLY in “lose any more weight and you’ll be the lowest you’ve been since your early 30’s” territory. 

(And when I lose more weight after that, I’ll be in “lowest I’ve been since my
early 20’s”) 
(Then “lowest I’ve been since college”) 
(Then “lowest I’ve been since the eighth grade.”)

This is the point where, in the past, it has gone off the rails. 

Where, in the past, “circumstance” has taken over…. some of them very dramatic, such as the transformation of my marriage.  

AND, hey – 40 pounds down on a ketosis-based diet… you’re gonna stall, unless you know what you’re doing. 

So WHAT do you do? 

You STAY in the room.  You shift into your Higher Self – what I call “magician brain” – so you can SEE these excuses and ego mind machinations clearly. 

You SEE that shizzle for what it is… and then you use your magician’s power of CHOICE to do what your HEART wants.  To choose your DESIRE, over the same state that your physical body has been keeping you in, in a loving attempt to keep you alive on
the planet. 

Believe me, I felt the tug and the pull of the old way. 

I teach on the art of transforming resistance so much because I LIVE
it, intimately. 

But I said, no, no thank you. 

I said, no… instead of listening to lies, I choose to keep my food log with the truth.  And meet my calorie counts as best as I possibly can for where I am right now in my growth. 

And then I challenged myself FURTHER… because at this point, that’s an
excuse too. 

I CHOOSE the macros. 
I CHOOSE the best food. 
I CHOOSE the water. 
I CHOOSE the sleep.  (Ghah!  This one is the HARDEST.) 

About 3 weeks in to all this, this dance… I noticed that my body composition had changed.  But the scale was showing the same number. 

“This is just the remnants of your body, Heart and brain duking it out.  That weight is already gone.” 

Sure enough – got on the scale this morning and… a DRAMATIC 4 pound drop. 

Elizabeth Purvis

Now, if you’re sitting there all up in your weight-loss-expert mode going, “Well, it could have been this-this-this and you need to do this and OH your body needed the rest, and and and …” 


Don’t let your ego get in the way of what you need to HEAR. 

And we ALL need to hear this, over and over again. 

Everything you want is already here. 

You will hit resistance.  Your BRAIN will attempt to pull you off track. 

Your MASTERY point in that moment is to make YOUR Highest Level choice and follow through.  No. Matter. What. 

Yes, it might take you a little while to figure out what’s going on and acclimate. 
That’s OKAY. 

That will subside the more and more you practice the principles and use
the tools. 

You’re doing something hard.  Manifesting is easy – AND these moments are hard.  Any manifesting teacher or coach or mentor who tells you otherwise
is lying. 

There’s no way around this bit. 

THIS RIGHT HERE makes the difference between allowing in what you want…
and not. 

I want you to get what you want.  It’s why Feminine Magic® exists. 

So let me ask you… what do you want? 

Not the little stuff.  The BIG stuff.  The stuff that really MATTERS. 

Those sacred commitments you’ve made to yourself are getting tested,
aren’t they? 

Yeah, me too.  I feel you. 

Stay in the room, Goddess.  Stay in the room. 

You got this.   

Love & magic, 

Elizabeth signature



PS: When my relationship was tested, and I was staring down THE hardest transformation I have ever made in my life… I still stayed in the room. 

Yeah, I gained back the weight I’d lost at that time.  And a LOT more. 

But I knew it was happening.  I knew why.  I gave myself a lot of leeway, compassion
and love. 

My physical energy and attention needed to go somewhere else, OTHER than what it really takes sometimes to use your power of choice. 

SO I allowed that. 

“No problem, Goddess,” I told myself.  “When more space opens up WITHIN YOU, and your ability to choose gets even stronger, you will get right back on it.” 

And here we are. 

PPS: Staying in the room is a KEY PIECE of attracting and enrolling ultra-premium clients – the clients who hire you for $25k, $50k and up. 


Because your rockstars that are investing at that level don’t want more “strategy” from you.  (Except when they do.) 

What they REALLY want is your leadership.  Your modeling.  Your energy.   

They want you to hold yourself to certain standards – and those standards are NOT what you think.  

They want YOU walking the world at your Highest Level. 

To me, THAT is the real Highest Level Transformation of stepping into ultra-
premium fees. 

The money is awesome.  But the real gold is the Highest Level Transformation
of YOU. 

Are you ready to truly set yourself apart in your industry, by EMBODYING your Highest Level, and then commanding the ultra-premium fees you really crave? 

I will tell you – this is NOT just about throwing a program together and selling it. 

Anyone can do that. 

You are a transformational leader.  You Desire more.   

Which means you must become more. 

And that means no longer allowing yourself to shrink, contract, make excuses, or otherwise head for the hills when the shizzle-storms show up. 

If you’re ready to go to your next level of manifesting MASTERY, and achieve that through the very practical application of enrolling $50k clients… 

Then HIT REPLY and request your invite for Highest Level Transformation. 

And if you’ve already got the invite, now is the time to get that application in. 

Here’s to your next breakthrough!!