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It’s no secret that this year has some big energy to it.  

It’s a Universal 11 Year, which brings with it an epic field of potentiality.  Meanwhile, 11 is a Master Number, with a veryhigh frequency.   

So a Universal 11 Year brings major transformation in people’slives overall. 

And for spiritual leaders, change agents and those of us who play in the realm of manifesting and transformation… the Universal 11 Year is a major invitation.  

In magic, we work with the energies present – to direct it toward what WE choose as magicians, rather than being swept along. 

So our theme of the year, here at Feminine Magic® has been… NOW is the time. 

This means that whatever you’ve been holding back on, whatever you’re waiting on, whatever is asking to come forward…  

It’s time to ditch the excuses and SAY YES. 

This includes things that, on the surface… may not make a whole lot of“rational” sense. 

For example, I am in the process of losing 100 pounds. (40lbs down so far.  I’ll have a bigger update on that later in the week.)  

Sure, I’ve been “heavy” my whole life.  But huge, all-consuming battles with body image have never been my thing. 

Body is NOT my struggle.  I have plenty of other struggles.  But body is NOT thebig struggle. 

So losing 100 pounds feels kind of crazy.  But a force other than my ego mind is asking me to drop the weight. 

I don’t entirely “know” all of the WHY, yet. 

I do know, plain as day, that it is connected to my purpose of teaching magic to ambitious, world-changing women. 

All I really need to know is… that it’s time to say YES.  And so, I have. 

Also, right around the Spring Equinox, I made some major pivots to what I thought I was going to teach this year.  

So in April and May, I launched two new programs, back to back, with two brand new marketing campaigns. 

Both were extremely successful with higher enrollment numbers than I expected.  Both required a LOT of creative energy… that I hadn’t counted onexpending, frankly. 

Meanwhile, it also became clear that our team structure had to change, to birth what is being asked right now.  So over the past 90 days, I’ve been doing a complete overhaul – not just of team structure, but of our entire company culture at Feminine Magic®. 

None of this was planned.  None of this was particularly convenient.  

Honestly?  I kind of thought that I was going to sit back and work on marketing funnels all year.  

But that’s not what is being asked right now.   That would have been me hiding out from the Universal 11 Year energy… which is asking all of us who claim to be “spiritual leaders” to STEP UP. 

True leadership – spiritual, feminine, creative, paradigm-shifting leadership – is NOT for the faint of heart. 

The truth of the matter is that what we CHOOSE to say yes to during these big energetic shifts is EXACTLY what distinguishes those who thrive and make an impact, and those who stay stuck, spinning their wheels in scarcity. 

Right now, as I write this to you… it’s June 4th.  We are at the midpoint of the growth season of this Universal 11 Year. 

So it’s a great time to have a look at how you’ve been using this precious timeso far. 

Here are some questions for you to consider, to do just that… 

  • Have you been saying YES to what is asked?   
  • Have you been answering the call?  
  • Have you been willing to be uncomfortable?  
  • Have you been spending time in communities of other high achievers that are going to pull you forward?  
  • Have you been willing to completely change your plan when you know in your heart that’s what’s required – not just to create what you say that you want, but because that’s what’s required to say yes to your soul’s deeper calling… the one that your conscious mind can’t even really understand?  (This one may or may not apply to you… be radically self honest here.) 
  • Are you willing to get out of scarcity… move through fear… embrace your gifts as Magician and Creatrix… to surrender to the Universal TRUTHof abundance? 
  • Are you willing to look at your shadow side, embrace those parts of you that are begging to be healed… while releasing the internal structures that create more violence and separation on the planet? 
  • How can you bring even MORE of your Divine Self to the forefront?   
  • How can you allow the Goddess Within even more opportunity to lead, to co-create, to show Herself fully? 

Self-inquiry isn’t about judging yourself. 

A magician asks questions to get clarity, and information.  Clarity informs hernext choice. 

When I am making choices for myself I am often guided by my vision of where I CHOOSE to be.  

The choices that you make right now create your future. 

So today, on this Monday afternoon… or whenever you happen to be reading this… I invite you to review your past 90 days or so.    

Are you making the choices that are in alignment with what you SAY you want and who you say you choose to be?  

If so, my challenge to you is to go deeper.   

If not my invitation to you is to get very clear on what you want to createand WHY.    

And then choose again.  

It’s not every day that we have the opportunities that are before us right here this year.  We all have a choice as to how we show up. 

Choose wisely.  Above all, choose true.

Sending love & magic,  

PS:  You may have heard that I am taking a group of powerful feminine magicians to Egypt this fall, for an initiate’s awakening experience. 

In a very real sense, Egypt is the birthplace of modern magic.  It is a place to awaken your power, and claim your magical lineage. 

To my mind, there is no better place on earth to activate your next level of awakening, and to dedicate yourself fully to the path of walking this world as your Divine Self.  

If you know you are here to create BIG things in the world… to carry BIG energy and to usher in the next level of consciousness… a spiritual pilgrimage like this one is the FAST TRACK. 

(Nothing against the slow road, of course, but…. I prefer quantum leaps overincremental progress.) 

This is an intimate journey with a small circle of women, each one vetted byme personally.    

If you’d like to be considered, send an email to with the subject line:  Egypt Mystery School Tour and let me know WHY you are called.   

If it’s an energetic match, I’ll forward the invitation. 

But do it now if you’re feeling that tell-tale pull of activation as you readthese words. 

There are just a few places left, and I’m calling in our remaining leaders NOW.