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Picture this… 

You’re having a conversation with a potential client and HUZZAH—their problem is the perfect match for the transformation you provide.  

You’ve shared how you can help and you can feel them leaning in with interest. 

All  that’s left to do is seal the deal…to ask them if they want to work with you!  

Except— you’re afraid, somehow, you’ll turn them off by appearing all Salesy McSalesperson. You don’t want to push. And truthfully, you’ll do just about anything to avoid hearing a “No.”   

Soooo what do you? 

Let me break down “the how” in 3 parts. 

First thing you need? 

A shift in perception.  

While it might feel like you’re being pushy by asking for the sale. Your thoughts and feelings are not the truth.  

Inviting the RIGHT clients to work could also be perceived as an act of honoring your clients’ Desire to get what they want and offering them the power to change their lives. 

Bet you can guess which lens allows you to receive a “Yes!” more often 😉 

The second thing you need? 

A non-pushy question to boldly ask for the business with grace. 

Here’s my personal favorite:  

“Is this something you’d like to move forward with?” 

I love this question because it’s respectful AND bold—the perfect combination to create a potent sacred space of transformation for clients to step into. 

I still use it to this day in my own enrollment conversations.  

And, finally, the third thing you need? 

An easy-to-follow template that ensures EVERY conversation you have with an ideal client moving forward unfolds as an authentic conversation that leads them to the point of choice to work with you. 

When you learn how to have connecting conversations with clients in a way that serves their highest good, you’ll quickly double (or better!) the number of clients who say YES to you.  

That’s real magic taught in Get Clients in 30 Days— my template for having heartfelt, transformative conversations that gracefully leads potential clients  into working with you.  (50% OFF this weekend – use code “REMEMBER” at checkout) 

The template has all the right questions to ask, in the right order, so you can let go of wondering what to say next. Instead you get to relax and actually CONNECT with the person on the other end of the phone.  

You also get scripts of exactly how to help clients move through common objections, like “I can’t afford it,” “I don’t have time” and “I have to talk to my spouse” in a way that allows your clients to make the right choice for them and feel supported even before  working with you. 

And, of course, you get the step-by-step 30-Day action guide that shows you what to do each day to get ideal clients on the phone with you in the first place.  

Everything you Desire in your business happens really easily when you know how to attract ideal clients into your world and how to help them say “YES” to themselves through working with you. 

If you want a really simple system to start doing that THIS week… 

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