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Holiday weekends with family always put me back into a memory-filled land of nostalgia… 

Soooo let’s take it back to 2006 for a hot second. 

I had finally made the decision to quit my J-O-B making early 6-figures a year as a systems engineer in New York City’s Silicon Alley.  

It was soooo freeing!  And of course a little stressful, too. 

Immediately my “rational mind” went into overdrive.  

I was trying to figure out all the things that needed to be in place so I could feel like it was safe to take this big leap.

I looked up business licenses, insurance, what to name the business, how to file taxes, how to create a website, how to hire employees (!)… I even remember trying to figure out how my schedule would go, once I had no schedule. 

Guess what I did NOT look into?  

I didn’t do a single bit of research on how to get clients!! 

Not one bit. 

Looking back now, I see that it was my need for control in action.  

I was about to lose the safety of the paycheck, so I was furiously trying to gain some control by “researching” and “studying” all the ducks I thought I needed to have in a row. 

The great irony was that I completely missed the one thing that would have given me some of that security I craved. 

Sooooo if I had the opportunity to do it all again, and to do just ONE thing differently— it would be to learn a solid system to attract and enroll clients, right from jump. 

Skipping that critical step turned out to be one of the most costly mistakes I’ve ever made in my life, both financially and emotionally.   Without a system to get clients, I quickly burned through $30k in savings, and spent close to two years struggling and worrying night and day about money.

Of course that struggle did have an upside.

It’s made me who I am today and inspired allllll the trainings I’ve created to date. 

You’re welcome. 😉 

That said… there’s really no need to hang out in the struggle.  

If you’re at that spot where you know you need to leave your J-O-B… or you’ve recently left your J-O-B and you’re not sure what to do out of ALL the stuff you could be doing… or you’ve started a business and still find it really challenging to bring in clients with ease, there’s just ONE thing you need to focus on mastering: 

A system that works to bring in cash flow.   

When you know HOW to enroll clients and create cash, the rest starts to work itself out. 

Which is why I’m really stoked to pull one of my best-loved business trainings out of the vault and make it available to you at 50% OFF this Memorial Day Weekend— Get Clients in 30 Days – use the code REMEMBER to get your savings! 

I don’t teach on business these days but I couldn’t resist sharing Get Clients in 30 Days with our community, after the Money Manifesting Formula launch.  

That launch let me know – you guys still need reliable, no-bullshizz “how to get clients” information. 

And that’s exactly what Get Clients In 30 Days delivers. 

It teaches the exact physical steps I took to completely turn my situation around and create a brand new experience for myself in my business.  

The 30-Day Action Guide found in Get Clients in 30 Days—coupled with the 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan we use in The School of Manifesting— is what allowed me to go from 2+ years of churning about “how to get clients” to creating consistent $10k and $20k months in really short order.

It’s a perfect complement to so many of our manifesting trainings if you have a business or want to start one… and it works even if you’re not a ninja manifestor (YET).  

Bottom line, If you’re looking to move out of the overwhelm and overthinking that most entrepreneurs face before they know how to create cashflow, this training is a way to clearly understand what to do and when… 

…And this holiday weekend it can be yours a generous 50% OFF! 

Remember, this special offer goes away Monday at midnight.  You can always get it later… but who wants to pay twice as much, right?  

Click here to grab your copy of Clients in 30 Days and use code REMEMBER for exclusive savings.