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You know how some seasons in life are a complete whirlwind… and then you have to stop and catch your breath?

That’s been me this past week.  

After the stunning success that was the 5-Day Cash Attraction Challenge, we closed  The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0 early last week… with over 300 women (and some wonderful guys) registered! 

This is on the heels of our first series of content in support of my advanced money magic immersion, Highest Level Transformation…  

PLUS filling my upcoming initiate’s mystery school tour of Egypt… (we have a few spots left, more on that soon)… 

PLUS… we just welcomed a brand new full time, local Business Manager of Amazingness, after 2+ months of hiring… 

PLUS the Feminine Magic® rebrand, which is well underway… 

PLUS the weight loss journey continues (almost 38 pounds down)… 

And more. 

Yeah, this mama needs some chill time!   

So I’ve been hanging with this one right here…  

(Master of the Monkey Bars, she is…) 

So, hey… I wanted to give you a heads up… 

During the Cash Attraction Challenge, and then while I was teaching the Money Manifesting Formula workshop last week… it because crystal clear that sooooooo many of our peeps need the foolproof, evergreen basics of CLIENT ATTRACTION.  

As you may know, I don’t do much business coaching at the moment – at least, not in the way that I did. 

But so many of our community is made up of coaches, practitioners, healers, energy workers… 

So many of you want to make a living doing what you LOVE! 

And you know that I’m always gonna be ON BOARD with helping you with that. 

From a manifesting perspective… rock solid, highly lucrative client attraction strategy is probably my all-time favorite “HOW” for attracting money quickly.

Especially for those of you who are in the business of transformation! 

So…. we’re going to do something really special for Memorial Day weekend. 

If this resonates, keep your peepers peeped for an email from me TOMORROW where I’ll fill you in on all the deets.  

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PS: The important thing to know is that this is a true “Memorial Day Sale”.  

You’ll have until Monday to decide if you want in. 

So if you want more clients… watch for my email tomorrow!