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There’s a powerful daily money practice that I’ve had our clients do for years. 

It’s not unique to us; indeed, it’s kind of a “classic practice” that has been passed on in many other programs.   

Here it is… 

Every day, track ALL the money that flows into you. 

We do this as a visual way to track goals. And because metaphysically, what you energize, manifests.  

Now, here’s the thing… 

Despite knowing why it “should” work (see above)… there is a part of me that STILL can’t quite believe how well it works. 

Tracking your money works like magic to bring you more money. 

Which is why this simple assignment can reveal so much.

Invariably someone will ask… 

“Elizabeth, should we include money from [insert some unexpected / non-business money channel]?” 

Hells YES, Goddess! Write that shizz down!

Include everything that comes your into your life every day. Tally up all the money, from all the sources and give up some gratitude. 

…Your partner’s income. 

…A refund check from months ago. 

…Winnings from the 50/50 draw at your kid’s school.

…A loan from a friend. 


Because when you Desire to manifest more money in your life, you’ve gotta be willing to receive it in ALL forms.   (Not just the forms that you feel directly responsible for.) 

Expecting your money to come to you in a certain way is akin to the energy of judgment. 

This judgement tells the Universe / Divine / God / Goddess that we aren’t truly open to having abundance, in all forms, in our lives…

… And it energizes lack.

This is why it’s sooooo important to understand how money really manifests and to have practices that keep you energetically open to receiving money in ALL the ways. 

When you’re in that energy… it’s easy to see that every cent is here in response to your Desire and it’s easy to allow even more to flow through. 

We are just 24 hours away from the close of the Money Manifesting Formula 2.0! 

Almost 200 amazing women have registered so far. 

It’s time to join us – before we close tomorrow night.

This is the first time I’m teaching my tried and true process for calling in money, predictably and consistently.  (No affirmations, vision boards, or “magical thinking.”) 

Also, I’m giving you a NEW money manifesting ritual. 

This ritual isn’t another “mindset” thing to add to your list.   Because… hang on to your bananas…  

I’m NOT going to try to get you to change your beliefs. 

We all have crappy money beliefs.  Ho-hum.  Who cares. 

It doesn’t really matter.  Because what moves the needle in magic is… alignment with spiritual Truth. 

Do that, and the rituals work, whether you’re swimming in the “LACK” sinkhole or not. 

(Also?  We all go there.  Even me, after10+ years and millions of dollars manifested.)

If you’re ready to change your experience with money…  if you’re ready to ALLOW more in… 

The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0 program is where you want to be. 

There’s a little over a day left to step in. 

Claim your spot now to join us.