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Got something a little different for you before we head into the weekend, inspired by some of our participants in last week’s 5-Day Cash Attraction Challenge.

On Day Two of the challenge, we got down and dirty with the WAY that money comes in to your life – i.e., opportunities.  

The Day Two assignment was to list 10 ways – opportunities – to allow money to flow into your life NOW. 

love this exercise, because it helps me understand right away where someone is in their awareness.  

Some of our participants had “the lottery” as one of their top avenues for manifesting money. 

I addressed this in our challenge video the next day.  I invited these folks to stretch beyond the lottery as a possibility. 

Immediately one of our School of Manifesting clients spoke up.  

She pointed out that she and others she knew had used the lottery (and other contests) in very deliberate way.  And that she personally had called in significant winnings.  Intentionally, using universal principles.  

“I wish there were more people teaching [the lottery] as an option, or as a different path… or at least not out right dismissing it,” she said.

Right on. 

So is the lottery a valid cash attraction plan?  

In true “manifesting paradox” fashion, the answer is YES.  And… no way.  🙂 

In other words, it depends. 

As with everything, what matters is your energy and intention as magician.  

And there is a MUCH bigger principle at play here… 

That of making the shift from being at effect to being at cause. 

Almost all of us go our lives feeling like we are at effect – that circumstances control US, rather than the other way around.  

And you know what?   

For a great deal of our lives… that is true!!  

We DON’T have control over everything.  We are NOT the great and powerful Oz.  (I know.  I know.  Personally, I’m still not over it.) 

Circumstances are NOT equal.  

And just about everything in our collective environment is set up, consciously and unconsciously, to perpetuate the illusion that we have no control.  

Our collective consciousness is one of being at effect.  That’s the dominant paradigm.  

But the dominant paradigm is NOT Truth.  Truth is truth. 

And the Truth is… as humans, we have power of choice. 

Regardless of circumstances, there is always a choice.   

It might be two crappy choices.  It may only be the choice of how to look at a crappy situation. 

But it’s a choice nonetheless.  And when we start to shift our awareness, we see that there are always more choices than initially meets the eye. 

That awareness gives us our power BACK. 

If you fundamentally feel like you are at effect in your life… and you feel that way because that really has been the reality for you up until now.

The lottery-as- manifestation-path will likely have a certain energy behind it – the Desire to be rescued. 

Let’s face it – we all have that part of us that wants to be saved.  Many of us have very, very good reasons for Desiring that. 

If we don’t have the awareness of our power to choose… if we don’t know that there’s another way OUT of our circumstances…  

Then the best option on the menu is… somebody save me.  

And that is the energy that you might be bringing to the table, IF you’re wishing for lottery winnings as a way to manifest money. 

Until… you gain a deeper understanding.  

Until… you begin to wake up to your co-creative powers.  

Until… you begin to see that you have a LOT more power than you have been aware of, up until now.  

And that is one of the deepest blessings of manifestation work.  

So is the lottery a valid cash attraction plan?  

Well, first things first: YOU are your own authority.   YOU get to decide what’s valid and what’s not.  

What I know for sure is that if you are coming from a place of being at effect… if you secretly (or unconsciously) believe that you need an outside force like the lottery to “save you”…   

… you’ll attract more circumstances to reinforce the belief that you are at effect. 

On the other hand… when you CLAIM your co-creative power… 

And you begin to shift into living at cause…  

The lottery becomes yet one more possible avenue for Creative Substance to deliver money to you.  

So if playing the lottery is your jam… go for it. 

But do it from the place of being AT CAUSE.  

Do it from the place of the empowered co-creator that you actually are.  

Do it from a place of possibility, rather than the desire for rescue.  

And for the love of goodness and gracious… don’t count on that as your ONLY option.  

There are far more reliable and more predictable ways to have money flow to you without effort.  

A zillion possibilities exist in every moment, and if you get too attached to the lottery (or anything else, for that matter), then you cut all those other possibilities off at the knees.  

So if the lottery resonates with you… let your answer be “YES, and.”  

YES, and you have so many other possibilities for money to flow… even if you don’t see them right now. 

This perspective empowers you to grow.  It opens you up to the “and better.”  

For those of you who are experienced entrepreneurs have been in our world for a while (I’m looking our clients)… why not play the lottery, if it resonates.  

You’ve got the skills to manifest the bills, so why not?  Hey, you never know. 🙂  

And for those of you who are new to some of the ideas and concepts I’m sharing… I invite you to look for the “YES, and.” 

Check yourself for the secret “save me!!” and stretch into a new choice, a new possibility. 

Because there is so, so much more out there for you. 

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Have a great weekend, Magician! 

Go create something amazing.  


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