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I’ll never forget the winding, bumpy road to my first major launch. 

It was several years back now, Brigit was really young, and I was sooooooo ready to uplevel after repeatedly brushing up against my income ceiling. 

I had all the important pieces in place— the team (including 3 coaches) and the physical “how” all mapped out. YET here I was freakin the F*** out all day every day. 

It was a total Twilight Zone moment.  

Because I didn’t doubt my ability to manifest, really. 

I had already manifested a thriving $750K biz and all kinds of awesome in my personal life at that point.  

The problem was, the launch literally weeks away and I was spiraling out into lack-based fear. That made it difficult to lean into the manifesting skills I knew were required for results.  

Of course, this created all kinds of drama. It was pretty brutal…  

…And I’ve come to know that this crazy (frustrating) phenomenon where you forget everything you know about your manifesting power— is gonna happen when you reach for a new level, income or otherwise.  

Fun, right? 😉  

Your Creatrix Desire to be, do and have new and incredible things is always going to be met with an equally forceful, primitive urge to sabotage that manifestation. 

Doesn’t matter if you’re launching in your business or manifesting the sale of your home or a calling in big promotion.  

If you’re manifesting that which you’ve never had before, you’re gonna be triggered. 

Your wiring isn’t out to get you. 

Your “inner critter” is just doing what it has been programmed to do.  It’s like a puppy that loves you VERY much but just doesn’t know any better. 

Nonetheless, it makes it really frickin hard for humans to adapt and lean into the metaphysical Truths and manifesting skills required to create the money you want.  

Which is why being a commitment to honing and mastering your manifesting abilities is soooooooo crucial.

There’s ONE skill in particular that you need to activate and start building first if you want to manifest results quickly—especially in the realm of money. 


The ONE Money Manifesting Skill   

That Creates Near Instant Results And How To Active It  

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Watch the replay here.


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