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There tends to be two archetypes of women in our world. 

Archetype 1 is the action taker— I’m gonna take action and create the thing I want. 

Archetype 2 is the attractor—I’m going to attract the thing I Desire and draw it into my reality. 

Both are committed to having what they want and both may make it happen.  

Neither is a sure bet.

Here’s why… 

Our action takers really go for it with focused intent which should create more immediate results…except her intensity and tunnel vision often leads to the burnout and mis-alignment that comes from a lot of ego-mind “doing.”

Our attractors are allowing the Divine to deliver even MORE than what she’s asked for… but she may be waiting around for quite some time because she’s looking for her Desire to fall right into her lap. 

So which archetype really wins the manifesting game? 

Enter “Archetype 3”—She who understands how to balance the two and create incredible results 😉  

If you’re not sure what this looks like in practice this week’s Facebook LIVE is just for you…  

How To Balance Action & Attraction  

To Speed Up Your Manifesting Results 

Replay can be found here.

Love & magic,  


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