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Over the years we’ve become known for The 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan.

Our clients in the Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting use this blueprint (and daily practices) to call in thousands of dollars, on a regular basis. 

My private clients call in TENS or even HUNDREDS of thousands, often in very short timelines.  

And… when they truly desire to have it, all know how to call in the money in far fewer than 30 days. 

In The Circle (our ongoing manifesting membership community), we just had a client celebrate a 6-figure DAY. 

Pretty cool, right? 

Manifesting that kind of money would seem downright impossible, if you expect that it involves all kinds of hustle. 

But expert money manifesting is NOT what you would expect… or what you’ve been conditioned to believe.   

And that’s the whole point. 

The reason we have clients regularly set money goals at 9 AM and circle back to celebrate it’s manifestation only a few hours later is simple… 

They know how to use metaphysical tools to cut to the chase.  To take the shortest, fastest path to the cash. 

They don’t expect to have to make a zillion calls, set up complex marketing campaigns, or apply for every job in their LinkedIn feed. 

Instead they know the metaphysical TRUTH about how money can come to them, and only “do” what is required (and no more). 

And they create results.   

Want to know how to do this too? 

Then join us…

The Feminine Magic® 5 Day Cash Attraction Challenge   

Learn the 5 metaphysical keys that fuel your money manifesting power  

LIVE DAILY With Elizabeth  

Monday, April 30th to  Friday, May 4th   

at 1pm PT / 4 PM ET 

Over the course of our week together, you’ll discover the metaphysical principles that fuel your innate, Goddess-given abilities to call in money when YOU choose. 

And we’ll be engaging in some simple practices together, to activate your money manifesting abilities right away. 

This is the same stuff I’ve taught my private clients for years.   

Play along with us, and it’s likely (not guaranteed of course, but likely!) that you will call in new cash within the week. 

We’ve never done anything like this before and I can’t say for sure when we’ll do it again. 

If you’re in, put the dates in your calendar now and then claim your space here. 

Can’t wait!