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Almost three years ago, I started a very personal journey that would completely change the trajectory of my life. 

As usual, it started with a date with a mentor. 

I’d paid this person $20,000 for about four hours of time.  Flew out to their office.  Had my head full of “strategic plans” that they were going to help me with. 

Finally, it was time.  The mentor came in and sat down. 

I wanted to dive into all the plans and strategies.  I was about to make a huge pivot in my business and I was sure that they were the one who was going to lay it all out for me. 

The mentor took one look at my prep work and said, “Wow.  This entire thing says, ‘Let me see how I can distract myself so I don’t have to look at myself.’ “ 

I laughed.  Yeah, okay, that’s true, I admitted. 

The mentor paused.  Looked at me across the table.  For what felt like a century. 


“What are you hiding?” 

Ask anyone I’ve ever worked with and they will tell you… when I’m in any kind of relationship that involves my transformation, I am ALL IN; I go running into the fire with both arms outstretched and flailing. 

But that question took me completely aback.   

It took 5 minutes to answer it, and 4 minutes and 55 seconds of that was me in complete silence, because I had no freaking clue. 

Then it dropped. 

I’m NOT going to tell you what the answer was.  (It’s too personal.) 

But I WILL tell you what happened next… 

The discovery of THE number one core pattern that has been at the root of – I am not joking – EVERY SINGLE “issue” in my life that has ever been an “issue.” 

(I say “issue” here for clarity.  We don’t have “issues,” really; we have Struggles That We Have Not Yet Released.)

The BIG thing that has been at the root of EVERYTHING. 

Like, really really everything. 

I didn’t know it at the time – well, okay; I subconsciously knew it, because we always know – but I WASN’T going to that mentor for all the “plans” and “strategies.” 

I was going because I was finally ready to face the thing that was REALLY keeping me stuck. 

The thing that had already wreaked havoc on ALL of my relationships (including my business relationships). 

The thing that would completely devastate my family – you know, that “Me, Leland, Brigit” triangle I’m always talking about – if I didn’t do something about it.  Immediately. 

I projected ahead about 20 years … and what I saw was truly horrifying. 

I know I’m being vague about what “it” is, here.  It’s because the “it” is unimportant.   

I don’t want you to get all wrapped up in the “it,” because it doesn’t matter. 

What matters is how BIG this really was. 

And how painful.   And how I was just not having it. 

Immediately, we (Leland and I) created the container to do the work to change it. 

I underwent six months of what I call “psychic surgery” to re-wire my brain, with one of the best NLP masters on the planet for the issue at hand. 

It took a full year of me walking around in what was essentially fight-or-flight mode before it really shifted.

But SHIFT, it did.  In a HUGE way. 

OK. TWO THINGS that are really relevant here…

The first is subtle.  But it’s SO important. 

Like most women, all my life I’ve struggled with the “worth” question. 

The “I’m not good enough.” 

That day with the mentor, I realized that… for many, MANY women… (I’d estimate at least 50% of us that struggle with the “worth” thing)…  

“WORTH” is a big ‘ol red herring. 

“I’m not worthy” is a MYTH. 

The issue ISN’T that you’re “unworthy,” or that you even FEEL “unworthy.”  The issue is that you’re NOT allowing yourself to be fully self expressed. 

You’re not allowing yourself to be the REAL YOU. 

Now, this may resonate, it may not.  It may be true for you, it may not. 

I’ll be talking about it a lot more going forward. 

But think about it.   

Doesn’t it make sense that… if you’re rejecting parts of yourself, because someone or something told you that they were “bad” or “wrong,”… or you learned that they were “bad” or “wrong,”… that it shows up as “I’m not worthy?” 

It’s time to turn the “worthy” conversation on its head.  Because we’ve been looking in the wrong freaking place. 

The second relevant thing about that $20k visit with the mentor, of course, is that the mentor’s Highest Level Transformation literally saved my life. 

This person didn’t give me strategy.  This person gave me FREEDOM. 

Not in four hours.  (I mean, come on.)  Freedom took about two and a half years. 

But THEIR part of the deal took all of four hours. 

And it was one of THE BEST $20,000 investments I have EVER made. 

I would make it again and again, gladly. 

So here’s the thing. 

I know that YOUR Highest Level Transformation can have the same impact. 

Heck, it probably already has, for someone, somewhere, sometime. 

And it gets even MORE crazy transformational when you are offering it in an appropriate container, where you can REALLY take the proverbial “gloves off.” 

This is MY “big WHY” behind Highest Level Transformation, my new money magic immersion. 

It’s WHY I created it. 

It’s WHY I’m so passionate about showing you how to create and market $20,000 – $50,000 programs of your own, and then holding the very fierce space for you to go get your clients. 

No more hiding out.  No more holding back.  No more denying your greatness. 

Not on my watch. 

We start on Wednesday.  I MUST receive your application by end of day Monday in order to be considered. 

If you haven’t requested an invite yet – send a note to and request one now. 

If you have the invite… it’s time to get your application in. 

None of us have all the time in the world. 

 If my emails of the past couple of weeks have shifted anything for you… it’s my hope that I’ve helped you realize that none of us change agents, light workers, and transformational leaders can afford to hold back right now. 

Now is the time.  ALL of us is required. 

I’m ALL IN… are you? 

Let’s do this. 

Love and magic, 



PS: As usual, several people have asked if I’m doing this again.  

Doesn’t matter.  What matters is now.

I have come to realize that just about the only thing you should PLAN for in the future, is making sure you’re financially free to enjoy it. 

We start on Wednesday.  If this resonates… send a note to to request an invite (I’m keeping a personal eye on these requests today). 

If you already have the invite, get your application in TODAY.