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One day years ago, back when I was still new in my business, I got a phone call.  

The woman on the other end was someone I had met at an event a few weeks earlier.  

“Elizabeth,” she said, “I think my next step is to have a VIP day with you.”  

She didn’t say much else, and about five minutes later I had her credit card for a $6800 sale.   

I remember charging $6800 because I didn’t think I was allowed to charge more for a 4-hour virtual 1-day intensive.  Her payment went through without any problems.  

It was surreal.  

A few days later, I was on the phone with my mentor.  

“This woman just called me up, and five minutes later I had her credit card for a $6800 sale,” I said.  “I mean, really…. who does that?”  

“You do that,” she said, completely matter-of-fact.  

Yeah, I thought.  kinda just did that.  

Here’s what was totally wild: when we did the 4 hours, she clearly just wanted to be in my presence.  We made a plan.  There was no “big result.”  And she was fine with that.  

A few months later I sold my first program for $20,000.  

Huh. I just did that, I thought. 

A few years later it was a $50,000 program.  

That was totally trippy, because I had a big mental block around it for quite a long time.  

And it was totally wild that… I didn’t really “do” anything in it.  

I did what I always do.  What I can do in my sleep.  

Coach. Teach. Channel marketing campaigns.  

But mostly coaching, which, when done very well, involves “nothing more” then powerful questions and even more powerful reframes.  

(Reframes are truly magic.)  

My point is… I didn’t have to get more training.  I didn’t need to provide a zillion worksheets or handouts.  I didn’t have to answer their phone calls at all hours of the day or night.  

I didn’t have to “do” anything but what I did best.  Mostly over the phone, and now these days I do voice messages on Voxer because it’s just easier that way with a 4-and-a-half year-old.  

Of course, I had to put in all kinds of time in order to be able to coach, teach, channel marketing campaigns, whatever.  Time put in learning my craft.  

So have you.  

You’ve already put in the time, and will put in more time. (As will I.)  

The results that you create for people have nothing to do with time.  And the amount of money you receive has nothing to do with time, either.  

Can you receive bigger amounts of money simply by who you’re Be-ing?  

It’s really triggering.  I get it.  

You think you have to “do” more.  

You think you have to “earn it” by working your butt off.  

But you don’t “earn it” by working your butt off.  You earn it by who you’re being and the transformation you help your clients create.  

Whatever level you’re at right now, you’ve already earned your current Highest Level Transformation, and the fee that goes with it.  It’s already done.  

So maybe it’s time to allow yourself to be OK with receiving more for your hard earned expertise, transformation, and wisdom.  

Receiving more isn’t just for you.  It’s for your clients, too.  When you show up to deliver your Highest Level Transformation, you don’t mess around.  You actually deliver more value by allowing yourself to be as full on as you secretly know that you are.  

It’s what your client is wanting.  It’s what they are paying you for.  

And it’s what you were truly meant to deliver.  

My new money magic immersion, Highest Level Transformation, starts Wednesday of next week.  I have to stop taking applications in a few days.  

You. Me.  A few other powerful women.  Launching 20k-50k++ offers.  


(And you would not believe who is in this group.  Industry leaders who have been at this longer than I have.  You will level up just by being in a group with them, watching them get their implementation on.  You’ll implement, too.)  

Nobody is ever really “ready” to make a big leap, whatever it is.  

You just have to decide that you want it. And that you’re doing it.  

If you want things like…  

More time  

More ease  

To work with your absolute dream clients  

To allow in the money for Financial freedom, charitable causes, funds for your family, a vacation, a Home, a dream…  

…. you have to decide that you’re having those things.  And that you will BE the one who…  

… does that.  :)  

Nothing happens without a decision.

If you want to easily receive fees of 20K to 50K and up… in full integrity… by delivering your very best stuff… now’s the time.  

The year is going by.  There is no going backwards.  

So hit reply and let me know you want an invite.    

If you have an invite, get your application in now.  

Love & magic.  



PS: When I sold that $6800 VIP day, something shifted in me.  20k program, same thing.  50k program, same thing.  70k program- same thing.

I became fiercer. Stronger.  With a lot less tolerance for bullshizzle.  Much more willing to say no. Much more willing to call it like I see it.  Much more willing to show up fully as the very capable transformational leader that I am.  

All of that helped the rest of my clients immensely.  

This program is called Highest Level Transformation because these offers provide the highest level of service.  

There are people in your world who WANT that from you.  

You don’t have to give it to them, it’s your choice.  

But it’s always stingy to hold back from delivering the best stuff in you.  

And an ultra premium program is one really good way to do it.  

Doors are closing.  Send a note to to get an invite, and return your application now.