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Earlier this year I opened a confronting dialogue for many in our community.  

With love to all and harm to none, of course. 

I stirred the pot by calling bullshizzle on the notion that “ease and grace” is the new black— the antidote to hustling your bum-bum off (like so many do in our circle of ambitious, generative women).  

Because so often, the decision and desire for “ease” is code for something else.   

If you missed that convo it’s well worth going back to watch and… let me bring you up to speed. 

Defaulting to ease and grace when it means slowing waaaayyyy down just so you don’t burnout..  

Claiming less of what you really want just to avoid working “so hard”… 

Ultimately denying your true generative Desire… 

… is going to throw you even MORE out of balance.   

That kind of “let’s go to the other extreme” kind of thinking is just that – swinging the pendulum back to the other extreme.  It’s a misidentified and misapplied understanding of ease in the context of creating, too. 

And will come back to bite you on the bum-bum. 

The good news  is— you don’t have to DO that. 

You can have actual ease and grace while still creating all the really BIG things you  want when you know to  choose flow— MOMENTUM— instead. 

So how do you choose flow? 

Join me TOMORROW on Facebook Live and I’ll share some practices you can begin working with right away… 

5 Ways To Create Massive Flow In Your Life & Biz 

Facebook LIVE with Elizabeth 

Find the replay here.

PS: One of juiciest reasons to choose flow is the way it makes you magnetic to money.  

And… when you’re in flow you naturally gravitate to showing up as your Highest Level too. 

Put those two together—Highest Level + money magnetism—and you can easily command ultra-premium fees ($20k, $30k, $50k and up) with true ease, delivering your soul gifts.. 

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