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I have been teaching money breakthroughs, and the high-end model, for years. 

Many, many years.  Like almost 10 years. 

(I’ve been doing this almost as long as I was a systems engineer… which kinda blows my mind.) 

Back in the day, when high-end was still a new idea, the number one “yeahbut” that came up for people was… “my clients won’t pay for that.” 

Thankfully, that’s pretty much gone now.  Not only is everyone and their mom offering high-end programs… everyone and their mom has invested in one, too.   

So now, the number one “YEAHBUT” that I hear around high-end programs, raising fees, et cetera is… “Can I really charge that?” 

Sometimes this shows up as “I’m not ready to [X]…” 

The secret question underneath that question is… 

“Do I really have something to offer that’s worth that much?” 

“Do I really have something to offer?” Is a hard question, because it really cuts to our beliefs around our own self worth.  

Being confronted with the fact that we have this “not worthy” program running is a major drag.  

So let’s just BE with that for a second. 

“I’m not good enough.  I’m not worthy.”  [Insert your version of it here.] 

Remember that this belief system has actually served you VERY well.  As painful as it is, it’s there for a very good reason: to keep you alive and kicking here on the planet. 

Yay for our critter brains!  

No, seriously.  YAY for the critter brain.  It’s the most loyal 5-year old you will EVER meet! 

It loves you, so appreciate it.  Being human, even with all its pain, is actually pretty awesome.  (It’s also a privilege.  With a waiting list.  But that’s another topic for another day.) 

So that’s step one.   Appreciation is always step one. 

Step two is to step into your Highest Level Self.  And ask… 

“IS it TRUE?” 

And then you choose. 

You CHOOSE if you really want that belief to be running the show from now on.  

Let’s start with how it’s just not true.  There is a very powerful tool that we can use with our subconscious minds, and it’s called EVIDENCE.  Proof.   

Years ago, I created an exercise that became one of my all-time most popular.   

Hilariously, I remember exactly where I was, and what state I was in, when I downloaded it.  I was in our first house in Portland… in this awful office with no light… and I was – you guessed it – questioning my worth and whether the exercise would “work” or not. 

It was simply to make a list of evidence – ALL the things that allow you to do what you do.  And ALL the evidence that what you do really works. 

Just for fun because we can… let’s do it right here.   

Get out a piece of paper.  Make a list of… 

  • All the trainings you’ve taken 
  • All the schooling and the degrees 
  • All of the articles you’ve written (and videos and Facebook lives) 
  • All of the programs you’ve created  
  • All your areas of expertise, and what you have done to become an expert in those areas 
  • All the books that you’ve read 
  • All of the life experiences that you’ve been through 
  • All of the challenges that you have overcome 
  • All of the transformations that you have personally made in your life 
  • All of the lessons that you learned in your “failures” 


All of your client success stories.  (Spend a LOT of time on this one.) 

All the ways their lives changed – not just short term, but long term. 

All the ripple effects that those changes have had on their lives. 

OK, so… I DARE you to take even 10 minutes today and start making this list.  (Seriously – it’s really profound.) 

And then I double dog dare you to even TRY to ENTERTAIN the idea that you’re somehow not “good enough” after you read your list.  

It’s a ridiculous idea.    

It was ridiculous even before you made the list, because your worth and contribution to the planet cannot be summed up in a list.  

Indeed, this isn’t about your worth at all.  It’s about remembering what you already know.   And claiming – fully claiming – everything that you have worked so hard to create and achieve in your life.  

You gotta FIGHT to NOT discount, NOT deny… and I DARE YOU to do it. 

I rarely pull out the “F” word.  Fighting isn’t very useful, generally.  But some things, you have to go to the mat on, and this is one of them. 

See, your subconscious mind will play all kinds of sneaky tricks on you to get you to stay where you are.  

One of those sneaky tricks is amnesia.  Forgetting.  

We conveniently FORGET that one of our clients lost all that weight, or had a baby when she thought she would never have a baby, or got married when she thought she would never find her soul mate, spoke in front of 1000 people, or quadrupled her income…. whatever it is.  

We forgot because our critter brain sets us up to forget. That’s one of its many jobs.  

And that’s great!  Critter brain keeping us alive is really great!  

In Feminine Magic®, we don’t try to beat our brain into submission.  We work with our brain’s natural processes to create what we want.  

So, the cool part is that we are NOT just our critter brain.  We have this cool thing called a neo cortex, that knows a thing or two about a thing or two, including… how to choose.  

So you get to choose whether you allow subconscious distractions to run the show… or not.

No I’m not saying that you have to offer a 20k or 50k program.  

That may or may not be in your joy.  

I AM saying that you can choose right here and right now to NEVER again discount or deny or ignore all that you have created and all that you bring to the table.  

That’s what I invite you to do.  

I’m not saying that you have to exaggerate either.  When I got started in my business, I was a total basket case.  I had no marketing or business experience, and yet my clients were quickly quadrupling their – admittedly very low – monthly incomes.  

But hey going from $1000 a month to $4000 a month is a huge deal.  

I was able to do that in full alignment and integrity, even when I wasn’t making any money, because I REFUSED to discount who I was.   I refused to discount my lineage.  

And I made their transformation more important than my deep-seated untrue beliefs about myself.  

And yes, you can do that too.  All it takes is choice.  

On not being ready…. The truth is, when we’re up to something big… we are never “ready.” 

There is no “ready.”  There is only being willing to surrender to the process of Doing the Thing.  

Nobody gets off scott free from discomfort that comes with massive positive change.  We aren’t designed that way.  

But discomfort isn’t going to kill you, love.  Discomfort transforms you.  

And guess WHAT!

It’s rarely as bad as you imagine.  

Because what’s creating that projected potential pain is your imagination itself.  

Let’s use that imagination of yours for something else.   

Let’s use it to recall how amazing it’s going to feel when you receive your next income goal doing the work you were meant to do.  

Let’s use it to imagine how good it feels to be, do, and have exactly what your soul Desires.  Because that version of you is already here, now, waiting for you to step into Her.  

So, I invite you…  

Step into Her now.  Step into Truth. 

Leave the “unworthiness illusion” behind.  

You already know how to do that.  Because really, nothing and nobody, not even your brain, can make you really forget.   

You are already great.  So it is, so it was, so it always shall be. 



PS: High Level Transformation is about to start! 

This means that if you know it’s your path to offer deeply transformational programs at ultra-premium fees… it’s time to request your invite.  Then get your application in, pronto. 

(If you’ve already requested an invite… get your application in, pronto.) 

One of the reasons I channeled this message for you today is because I’ve been hearing a lot of “I’m not ready” over the past week. 

And it’s true – ultra-premium offers ($20k-$50k) are not for everybody.  (If you’re new, you need to get some clients at “regular” high-end fees under your belt.) 

But if YOU are drawn to this… and you’ve been telling yourself that you’re “not ready” even though you’ve been in business for a while and you have clients paying you great money, and getting great results…

… then it’s time to check in and see if that’s REALLY true. 

If you’re wondering if your transformation is something that you can really charge that much for, don’t overthink it.  I’ll help you make a determination. 

I’m only accepting those who I am confident can be successful. 

So don’t let those old, untrue beliefs take you out. 

If you’re drawn to this…. If there is even a glimmer that it might be for you… send a note to right now and request your invitation.   

Then get your application back to me PRONTO, because we get rolling next week. 

Here’s to your highest level transformation!