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Let’s assume for a moment that you want to offer a 50k transformational program.  

You may not want to, and that’s totally fine.  (Though sometimes our “monkey minds” will say we don’t want things, when really, secretly, we do. 😉 ) 

Let’s assume for the moment that you do.  Let’s also assume that you have “the mad skills.”   

(50k does require a certain level of value delivery.  It’s not a “newbie” offer.) 

The question then becomes… why haven’t you offered your 50k offer… yet?  

Or if you have, and you haven’t sold one… or you did and it didn’t work out…  


There’s a reason.  It’s probably not what you think.  (I kinda cringe whenever I write that… and yet I keep writing it, because it’s just so darn applicable.) 

If you want to offer a 50k program but you haven’t yet… or you have one but haven’t enrolled it yet… or you did and it was kinda a sh*t-show… 

… all the “reasons” get down to one thing. 

You’re holding back.   

Holding back from claiming what you truly Desire, and from who you truly are. 

Some common examples…. 

1. You haven’t held the money boundaries that you secretly wish to hold.   

Clients who invest $50k+ in a transformational process want to know that you can hold them energetically.   

They want to be held to a higher standard.  They’re ready to elevate.  And they know, consciously or unconsciously, that they need a certain energetic imprint (vibration), coupled with very practical strategy and structure. 

They want to know that you can provide that, and that you are modeling those higher standards yourself. 

They don’t have space for drama, and neither do you.  

Cool part is?  All of this is a choice. 

It’s amazing what happens when you hold firm-yet-flexible boundaries from a place of true personal power.  Yet many women don’t, because they misunderstand what makes for great boundaries.  They are conditioned to be over-givers and people-pleasers (no judgment; we all are), and haven’t yet figured out how to override some of that conditioning. 

Plus, there’s this secret (false) belief that holding higher standards creates separation.  When the opposite is true. 

Money loves good boundaries.  Clients LOVE and respect great boundaries. 

2. You haven’t fully claimed The kind of client you really want to work with.

WHO really is the best client for you?  What are their qualities?  How do they need to show up?   

What is truly required of them in order for you to do your best work, and for them to get amazing results? 

One of the biggest secrets to creating a stellar track record in your business is the clients that you select.   

When you can magnetize and select the right clients, success (for both them and you) is practically guaranteed. 

3. You haven’t unleashed the Highest Level You. 

What are those things you WISH you could say?  Those parts of yourself you WISH you could show?  When are those times when you hold back with clients, because of what they might think or feel, or how it might affect your business?  

This is a huge topic.  But the bottom line is THIS: 

When you are hiding key parts of yourself, you are essentially contracting your energy field.

Meanwhile, money is a very expensive energy.  Money asks us to expand.  Money asks us to let in more, which (paradoxically) requires is to show up MORE. 

Like attracts like.  To attract more, money is going to ask us to expand.  

These are just some of the ways that transformational entrepreneurs commonly hold back,” and therefore put a lid on their income. 

What is the unconscious FEAR that lurks underneath ALL of them? 


Some form of “I will lose [clients / money / respect / love] IF…” 

And that’s simply not true.  

The opposite is true.    

It’s hard to really believe this, which is one of the reasons why transformational containers (programs) like Highest Level Transformation are so game changing.  

Highest Level Transformation is my brand new money magic immersion, where I’m going to show you exactly what it takes to offer transformational programs at ultra-premium fees ($20k, $30k, $50k and up) … and get them.  

This program isn’t for everyone.  You must already be offering programs at $5k-10k in order to be eligible.  

If that’s you, and you know you want to offer a $20k-50k program this year… it’s time to request your invite and get your application in.  

The acceptance process requires a short interview. I’ll be conducting interviews this week only.  We start on April 18.  

To request an invite to Highest Level Transformation, send a note to with your request. 

If you have an invite, get your application in NOW. 

One of the very first questions I will ask you in Highest Level Transformation is… 

What parts of you are you hiding, or holding back on?” 

Then – spoiler alert! – you will be asked, and supported in, immediately bringing forward those things.  

I’m not going to let you hide out, and I’m not going to allow you to quit on yourself, or hold back from what you really want, either. 

Whether you apply for Highest Level Transformation or not, know THIS… 

From a spiritual perspective, there is no lack; only lack based circumstances.  And circumstances can change very, very quickly.  

Creative Life Force Energy is infinite, and response directly to what you impress upon it.  

Circumstances in your life are just that: circumstances. 

Shift what you impress upon the Creative Life Force, and it will immediately send you back a different opportunity.  

It can’t not.  It is Law.  

Becoming the version of you who can attract anything you Desire is a process.  You can begin, or continue, that work right now.  

What empowered boundaries are you really dying to hold?  

What kind of clients do you choose to attract?  

What aspects of yourself are you really tired of keeping a lid on?  

Highest Level Transformation begins on April 18.   

Send a note to to request your invitation, then get your application to me now.