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There’s been a TON of buzz  in our client community around last week’s Facebook LIVE… 

“10 Things You Get To STOP Doing To Magnetize Money Like A Boss”  

Yeah, I updated the title a bit.   Because really… all these things you “must” let go of? 

You don’t reallllly want to be doing them anyway.  🙂 

(Trust me, nobody is sad at having to give up this stuff!) 

If you haven’t seen it yet… definitely check it out. 

What started out as a short list of 10 things to stop doing to magnetize mo’ money… 

… quickly blossomed into 18 mega Goddess Winks® for all who have pressed play so far. 

It was truly epic on all fronts. 

I LOVE teaching money magic and I’m always blown away to witness how our peeps really open up. 

So if you missed the livestream it’s well worth watching the replay now. 

What I share are simple money magnetizing practices.   Super-practical things you can do to amp up your ability to call in and ALLOW more money into your life right now. 

And if you were there? 

Go watch it again! 

Because you know I was droppin’ it like it’s hot… AND I’m willing to bet an almond butter fat bomb (this is what passes for a treat for us rockin’ the KETO diet) that you’ll receive a new awareness the second (or third) time around 😉  

Go watch the replay here

 And don’t forget to tag me in the comments when you identify the practices you’re going to start doing to allow in more money in this month.  

We’re working on something pretty juicy behind the scenes to hold you accountable and help you attract more cash in a really memorable way.   

Enjoy and stay tuned!