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Are you STILL attracting the kinds of clients who look like they’re going to be your next rock star…  

… but then they make with the money drama, the complaining about money, the defaulting on their payments… maybe even backing out entirely?  

There’s good news and there’s bad news… 🙂 

The bad news is that people are responding to YOUR frequency – the vibrational signature you project unconsciously.  

The great news is that people are responding to your frequency!  

It’s all awesome, because your frequency is almost entirely under your control.  

Shift your frequency, shift your results.  You’ve no doubt heard it before. 

The big question, of course, is HOW do you shift your frequency? 

We dive deep into this in our Feminine Magic® trainings.   It’s not just ONE thing, but…  

There is ONE thing that will have a massive impact on your frequency immediately, when it comes to attracting and enrolling clients at ultra premium fees. 

Decide what you require in your life, and then refuse to settle for anything less. 

What are you available for? 

This is one of the very first things I work with my clients on when coaching them to create 50k offers. 

What are you available for?  

What are you NOT available for? 

What were you available for in the past, but now…  it’s time to say… no way, José?  

For example, I’m no longer available for client money drama.  Or any money drama.  Period.  We have very specific policies in Feminine Magic® that have practically eliminated it.   

I’m no longer available for a lot of over-giving in my programs.  I’m no longer available for long-winded explanations or stories.  (This means holding myself accountable to that standard, too.) 

I’m no longer available for people who drag me down.  People can get triggered by my light and that’s fine – it comes with the territory.   Projections are also part of the deal. 

But I’m no longer available for peeps to work that shizzle out in MY energy field. 

Recently I had two clients from several years ago attempt to make contact.  Both were absolute nightmares to work with.  One texted.  The other Voxed.  (Boundaries violation #1, right there.) 

One wanted to apologize for how she behaved during our mentoring.  The other was feeling entitled and demanded my time and attention. 

I blocked both immediately, without contact.  Informed my team.   

I’m not available.  Their brand of crazy is no longer allowed in my field. 

This can bring up all sorts of nigglie-boos because we don’t want to lose clients, “omg they paid me X,” we don’t want to exclude anyone, we don’t want to lose love…. 

All of which may be true.  AND what is also true is… 

We put up with that shizz when we don’t REALLY believe that we can have what we require. 

Here’s the thing… 

The Desire is not felt until the supply is ready to appear.  This is Universal Law. 

In other words… if you Desire a thing, it is there. 

If you require a thing, it is there. 

You would not be called to offer your Highest Level Transformation, unless clients are in your world right now, waiting for you to step into that frequency. 

And that frequency is not for everyone, on a one-on-one basis. 

To be clear: offering programs at your Highest Level Frequency ISN’T about shutting people out.   

Indeed, when you walk in the world as THAT frequency… everyone benefits. 

I mean, what – you’re going to “turn it off” when you’re offering programs that are more accessible financially to a wider audience? 

I don’t think so! 

And while we’re at it, on the mythbusting tip… just for fun because we can… let’s bust another one: the CRAZYBOO myth that you can’t offer lower priced programs and 50K programs at the same time. 

(There was a point where I actually BOUGHT INTO this insanity.  Why?  Because mentors and dudes with big Facebook ad spends were screaming so.) 

Recently I was watching a Facebook Live from a mentor who went from zero to $1m in revenue very quickly.   

I was a little shocked when I heard her recommendation for helping those people in your circle who are not ready to invest in your high-intimacy programs. 

“Here’s what you do.  Become a millionaire or a multimillionaire and then go start your own foundation.  That’s how you help those people.”  (Paraphrasing – inaccuracies are mine.) 

Sure, I guess you could go do that, but I would much rather create offerings at different investment levels so that all the people in the Feminine Magic® community can benefit from the teachings. 

When I embody my Highest Level Frequency, my entire community feels it.  

My family feels it.  The dude pouring my kid’s milk at Starbucks feels it. 

Everyone feels it. 

(FYI: You don’t have to be rich to start a foundation.  If you want to start a foundation, go start the frickin’ foundation.) 

So let’s land the plane here… 

If you’re still attracting a ton of money drama from your clients, all that means is that there is something in your personal frequency that needs to be tightened up.  A standard that needs to be set, held and maintained, no matter how uncomfortable it is. 

You don’t have to be an asshat to do this, by the way.   

You actually DON’T need to make your ultra premium clients jump through a bunch of flippin’ hoops in order to work with you. 

(That’s another myth.) 

When you embody your Highest Level Frequency, everyone is going to know.   And everyone is going to KNOW what you were available for and what you are not – without you saying a word. 

So if you want to make with the high-end branding and create videos and a multi-step enrollment process, by all means go ahead.  (Not being sarcastic here.  If that’s authentic for you, go for it.) 

But you can also just show up in the world at your Highest Level Frequency, and then have some email exchanges and a conversation and be done with it. 

When you are showing up as your Highest Level you you’re going to be able to discern pretty quickly whether someone is ready or not. 

And speaking of which…. those would-be rock stars?   

The ones with the drama and the late payments and the hoo-ha that makes you want to tear your hair out? 

They ARE rock stars.  They are amazing, powerful humans, capable of super-hero-style feats. 

But that doesn’t mean they are ready for you in THIS moment.  You, when you are rocking your Highest Level Transformation. 

And there are only TWO possible reasons why you’re attracting all that. 

One, you’re still buying into illusions.   The illusion that you’re “not ready.”  Or that money drama is something you deserve.  Or that other people’s drama is YOUR drama, or that you will go without if you don’t take what’s in front of you, even though you have different requirements for your life.   

The other reason is because you’re no longer buying into those illusions and your subconscious is freaking out, and your clients are freaking out so they’re showing up in droves and tugging on your energy. 

In either scenario, it’s no big deal.  Stay focused on the Truth and this too shall pass. 

Your Highest Level Transformation is a gift to everyone.  Don’t let it get lost in the resistance to what is at the moment.   

Stay on higher ground.  Give your gift.   

And be an example that everyone can benefit from. 

*** Are your ready to shift YOUR frequency  

    so that high-drama clients are a thing of the past? *** 

Highest Level Transformation is my brand NEW money magic immersion for 2018. 

It’s where you’re going to discover EMBODY the frequency of the version of you that easily commands ultra-premium fees for your services: $20k, $50k and up. 

Yes, there are very practical steps involved.  I’m going to walk you through them.  AND, they’re not what you think.   

After teaching the basics of high-end offers for almost a decade…  I can tell you that there are some important distinctions in the “how.” 

Our most important work, however, is upleveing who you’re BE-ing so that these offers are a done-deal-no-brainer to your most ideal clients. 

That requires embodying your Highest Level, and channeling THAT into your offer.  Then positioning it in such a way so that your clients instantly recognize that they want it. 

Highest Level Transformation is by application only, and begins VERY soon. 

Which means that… if this is resonating… if you’d like to know how to add an extra multiple-five-figures to your business with just a couple of clients, anytime you choose… 

 And how to do it by offering what you’re REALLY here to do… 

The time to request an invite is NOW. 

Send a note to and let me know you’d like an invite.  Then watch the short video, and send in your application. 

Places are already being snatched up; we have spaces for just 10 women total.   

So please don’t put this off.  Send a note to to request your invite now. 

Love & magic, 


PS:  After many years in this industry, and teaching many, many transformational leaders how to get paid what they’re worth…  

I have come to recognize that the true Highest Level Frequency leaders accept people exactly as they are, and see their greatness no matter what. 

They set up boundaries, but they don’t create the energy of exclusion that often leads to people feeling like crap. 

Your Highest Level Frequency calls forward people’s greatness.  It’s an invitation for them to RISE. 

Request an invite  for Highest Level Transformation at