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Have you ever wanted to get to your “next level”?  

Or your “highest level”… 

Maybe you been feeling like you’ve been hanging out in a low level frequency and it’s time to uplevel.  

These are all common frames in the personal growth world.  

And it’s not that they’re bad or wrong… indeed, they’re a great way to articulate the drive we all have inside of us to grow, expand, and be fully self-expressed.  

But there’s a counterproductive energy that can creep in, here…   

“Next Level” implies that you’re not there yet.   When the truth is, your Highest Level is here NOW.   

It already exists.  It’s been in you the whole time. 

It’s all here.  Everything you Desire is already here.   

And that urge for growth, expansion and full self-expression is that Highest Level part of you (that already exists!) trying to get your attention.  

What if there was no “next level?” 

What if there was no “getting there?” 

What if there was only your allowing of the Divinity within you to REALLY come out?  

That’s the REAL “next level” game we get to play, here on Earth School. 

And it will challenge you.   

But it’s an exhilarating challenge, even when you’re in the thick transformation.   Because you can feel that what’s on the other side is so juicy.  

Only there’s not really an “other side,” either.   

There is a being with what is, including the transformation process, which is often wildly uncomfortable.  And allowing it to happen, instead of fighting it.  

When we Desire something and we truly decide to have it, there will be something that needs letting go of.  Always.  We must release something of a lower nature so that something of a higher nature can come through.  

Sometimes, especially for those of us who are really sensitive… we get the urge to take a time-out from daily life so that the transformation can happen. 

“I’m going to do my inner work, and then I’ll….. [fill in the blank]….” 

It doesn’t work that way. 

Highest Level Emergence doesn’t happen when you’re “off doing the work.” 

Highest Level Emergence happens when you are in the FIRE of creating EXACTLY what you want.  When you are willing to surrender to what is being asked.  When you are willing to be in the discomfort of the transformation rather than trying to avoid it.   

When you are willing to stay in the room. 

When a woman is in childbirth and the experience gets intense, she doesn’t just check out and decide to go have her baby later!   

She stays in the room.    

We are never given more than we can handle.  Also, most of the time allowing your Highest Level to come through is a lot easier than having a baby.  The struggle comes from resisting what is being asked, rather than stepping into what is being asked.  

So the next time you feel like you’re ready for your “next level”… I invite you to remember that it’s already here.   Your Essence, your Higher Self, Your Highest Level (whatever you call it)… has been here the whole time.  

Only THIS time, you’re going to listen to Her messages, and allow what wants to come forward.  

A lot of times those messages aren’t going to make a whole lot of sense.   So you get to sit with mild discomfort of not knowing everything in advance.   (It’s nothing like having a baby – am I right?) 

You get to lean in to the Universal Law that what you want is already here, and instead ask yourself… 

“How do I choose to show up today?   

How can I show up as my Highest Level Frequency today?   

How can I create space to hear what Essence is saying, and then really receive it, by taking aligned action on the guidance? “ 

Your Highest Level is already here.   And is a gift you and every one you touch.  

**** In case you missed the ANNOUNCEMENT in my last note **** 

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There are hundreds of places you can go to for that – literally. 

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First thing I’m going to ask you to do is… get OUT of “I have to offer XYZ to make money” thinking. 

Your Highest Level Transformation offering does not put “making money” at the forefront.  (Ironic, I know!) 

Your Highest Level Transformation offering puts SOUL, SERVICE and FULL-SELF-EXPRESSION at the forefront… and that’s what makes it sell. 

Now, there ARE some things you need to know in order to enroll these programs at ultra-premium fees.    

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PS: The answer to the question “Are you offering this again later?” is…  that’s an unknown and not relevant anyway. 

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The only time we have is now. 

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