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A few years ago I had a conversation with a Priestess.  

But not just any priestess.  A very elder Priestess, with the frequency that only comes from many, many years of living the Truth.  

We were having a reading.  It was one of those readings where I didn’t really know why I was there… I just knew that I needed to be in her presence.  

We dropped into Presence together.  The images started flowing.  

And the Goddess started talking.  

You are not allowing yourself to become a true empty channel for me, She said.  You are resisting what really wants to come through.  

“Yeah, but I can’t,” I told her. 

You must. 

A wave of sadness came over me.  Sadness for all the times that I had said no.  All the lost time.  Missed opportunities.  Fear. 

The Priestess holding space for me would not let me tune out what the Goddess was saying.  Where other facilitators would have hung back, she pounced. 

We are not f**king around here.  This is very real  

Are you willing to be that channel?  

Are you really going to say yes to that?  

This is a threshold that only you can cross.  Only you can make that decision 

“But HOW???” I wailed.  

By saying yes to Her in every moment.  

Naturally, I started bawling my head off.  Then the Priestess spoke again, softer this time.  

I can tell you have been around the block with this not enough” stuff.  The “I’m too much for everyone,” too.    

What’s it gonna take to let go of those LIES? 

More coaching? Three years of NLP?  


“Well, sh*t.  I don’t know.  What does it take?” I asked.  

A point where you CHOOSE to have a shift in awareness.  

“This is complete. 

I am Whole.  

It is done, it is done, it is done.” 

A decision.    

“Shift it on the astral plane, it replicates itself on the physical plane,” I said.  “As above so below. “ 

That’s right.  The shift in awareness happens on The upper planes and then on a cellular level.  And that’s it. It’s over. It is done.  The mind can’t believe that it’s so simple, but it really is.  The rest is recalibrating – the physical body catching up to what has already happened. 

She had given me the secret to true SOUL-LEVEL change. 

Our mind wants to make everything complicated.  Our physical body will throw up interference of some kind.  But none of that is real. 

Soul-level change is instant.  It starts with a decision. 

Decide that you’re “worth it.” 

Decide that you are enough. 

(I mean really, can we take a second and look at those two sentences and notice how ridiculous they are?) 

Decide that you’ve had enough training. 

Decide that you’ve had enough practice. 

Decide that you’ve paid your dues. 

Decide that you are going to take up the full measure of space that your spirit and soul naturally wants to take up. 

Decide that you’re doing it. 

Decide that you’re having it. 

Decide right now that it’s all Highest Level You, all the time.  Starting now. 

Right now, there is something in you.  Something YOU are meant to channel.  Something that the Divine is trying to birth through you. 

Are you willing? 

Are you willing to be the channel? 

Are you willing to let your ego mind take a backseat, and put yourself in service of Desire, the Divine, and that which is already seeking you? 

It’s time to decide. 

I know, I know.  The “just decide” thing has become a sales cliché.  Know why clichés become clichés? 

Because they’re true. 

“Decide” may be a cliché to you because you’ve heard it so often. 

It may be frustrating because it doesn’t SEEM like it’s that simple. 

But it really is that simple. 

Yes, there are details.  Yes, there are things that you need to know.  “The How.” 

Yes, you need to know how to navigate the re-calibration. 

But don’t be so scared of it that you stop yourself.  Because while the price of NOT saying yes to your truth is great, the rewards are 10x greater. 

After I decided to say yes to what was being asked, I created a wildly successful business coaching program with over 250 clients, I created entire bodies of work around manifesting and money magic (what our clients often tell us are THE best on the planet), I completely transformed my relationship, generated millions of dollars in sales, signed on clients at fees I really wanted to command, and so much more.   

All from a simple decision to say yes, and a willingness to stay in the room. 

There is something in you that wants to come through right now. Not just anything, but a thing of power and force and beauty.  Something that requires you to embody your highest level frequency right now. 

Will you say yes? 

I cannot decide for you.   Only you can cross that threshold. 

We will be here, holding the frequency as your Essence emerges. 



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