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Spring is in the air.  Are you feeling it? 

We’ve been on spring break all week with Brigit… today we’re taking a little Oregon road trip. 

I LOVE the energy of spring because it’s all about my favorite things: growth, creativity and massive expansion. 

And one thing I know that our community always wants to EXPAND into… it’s the ability to attract money. 

It’s one of my favorite topics… and spring is the PERFECT time to really amp up your practices around calling in and ALLOWING more money into your life. 

I’m talking about going highest level with your money attraction – in very tangible, practical ways. 

To that end… we’re going to be diving into the topic over the next couple of months.

“10 Things You MUST Let Go Of

To Magnetize Money Like A Boss” 

Facebook LIVE with Elizabeth 

Find the replay here.

Because we’re conditioned in the go-go-go-do-do-do paradigm… it’s easy to fall into the thinking that you have to DO MORE in order to create money in your life and business. 

And while there is always aligned action to take (that’s the “allowing” part of “allowing in” 😉 )… nothing could be further from the truth.

Indeed, the lynchpin of instant manifestation – the ONE thing that it all hinges on – is what you let go of.  What you CLEAR, and RELEASE. 

If you want to actualize that which you Desire more of… first you must let go.  Always. 

And there are some VERY specific things ya gotta let go of if you want to transform your money story in my all-time favorite way: by giving yourself a new experience. 

(I’m talking about bringing in a lot MORE than you’re used to, in a short period of time.)  

So join me tomorrow on Facebook Live, where I’m going to dish up at least TEN things to immediately STOP doing, so that you can call in more, in greater amounts, easier, while being of the highest service and contribution. 

These are not just beliefs – these are super-practical money attraction aligned actions. 

 This might be a little confronting… but it’s also going to be FUN.  

Can’t wait!