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I’ve had some really powerful (private) conversations with a number of women in our community this month. Been connecting in with a few close colleagues too. 

One theme keeps popping up… 

So many women are waking up – or waking up to their next level – and being activated at a very rapid rate. 

It’s time to fully develop our power. 

This is one of my big WHYs behind going to Egypt later this year. 

(I first got the nudge six years ago.  But there’s a reason why it’s happening NOW.) 

A big aspect of your power and spiritual leadership is saying YES to your spiritual gifts.  Your Divine abilities to tap into fields of energy, across many planes, dimensions, spaces and times. 

What I noticed in each of the conversations— what I’ve noticed in the collective as we started this year— is that whatever we think the deepest expression of our spiritual gifts might be, 2018 is the year we’re being called go deeper. 

The question is…  

Are you willing to “go there”? 

Are you willing to go there … AND… be fully “OUT” with it? 

This week’s Friday Facebook Live is a deep-dive into this question… 

I’ll be joined by a very special guest, my dear friend Halle Eavelyn. 

Halle and I met in a mastermind a few years ago.  At the time, I didn’t know that she ran a travel company specializing in tours to sacred sites around the world. 

Then she became a client, we deepened our connection… and now Halle is our guide for this year’s initiatory journey to Egypt. 

Egypt is an incredible place to activate your spiritual gifts, being the “mother land” of magic for thousands of years. 

AND… you can awaken your gifts from the comfort of your own home, too. 

You can find the replay here.

(Remember to turn on your notifications so that you see the livestream pop up in your feed!)  

It goes without saying that this is going to be a potent, activating dialogue. 


PS: Halle will be giving us juicy details on some of the highlights of our upcoming tour to Egypt.

If you’re thinking about joining us… mark your calendar and plan be there! 

And then hit REPLY to this message and request an invitation.

Be sure to tell me why you’re called – why Egypt and why now.  🙂  

(We’re already half full – just 7 spots left!)