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Letting go. Really. Truly. Fully… has been one of the major themes in my life over the past few years.  

It was required to make the leap from Goddess Business School to teaching full on Feminine Magic® last year. 

It was required to allow ideal relationships and support into my life to help me though this transition. 

And was certainly top of mind as we revealed yesterdays big news—  

The doors to the Circle are open indefinitelyand were giving peeps a few more days to step in with the same screamin’ deal offered at launch. 

Yep! Its happening! 

If you missed the announcement in yesterday’s New Moon Ritual, go back and catch the full scoop here:

Letting go, on the re-open The Circle front, was a bigger mind bender for me than one might expect.  

Years of indoctrination in the ways of internet marketing really leaves you thinking that there’s only one way to do things… 

Of course, there isnt.  

But we can only see the millions of other possibilities available to manifest what we Desire when we learn to fully let go.  

The cool thing is, among those shiny new possibilities lies an outcome that is wayyyyyyy better than anything we could’ve ever imagined. 

I’m seeing this play out right now in The Circle.   

After years of wondering if and how and when this supportive, magical container for manifesting success could come into form without fully surrendering to the vision (until now)—The Circle  is here!!! 

And our Sister Magicians are in there showing up for themselves and each other and their magical training in a way I could’ve never imagined 

I truly wish EVERYONE could see what was going behind the scenes at our first monthly Goal Setting Workshop… Oh my Goddess! These women (and men) are sooooo holding space for one another to let go and step into their new possibilities in such a beautiful way.   

Letting go isn’t something you do once a month and check off a list, of course.  

It’s a really crucial skill that we’ll come back to over and over as we manifest together all year along. AND we’ll also learn plenty o’ magical practices to make it easier and easier to let go as we journey on.  

If you’re ready to master letting go so you can see the infinite possibilities to manifest what you Desire…  

Click here to step into The Circle and join us

We can’t wait to welcome you in. 

Love and magic,