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The Aquarius New Moon is a week away and it already feels like her subtle energies are present.   

We’re certainly noticing it as our Sister Magicians make themselves cozy over in The Circle. 

The whole team and I are constantly celebrating and lovin’ up how powerfully peeps are showing up, claiming who they are, and declaring what they’ll create this year.  

No surprise, when you look at the astro timing of it all.  

We just left the the bold energy of the Leo Full Moon / Blue Moon / Lunar Eclipse… 

…And we’re heading to the New Moon in Aquarius who invites us to be who we really are.  

These energies beckon us to show up as our TRUE selves, for ourselves, and the transformation we desire.

In other words, Aquarius is speaking to The Feminine Magician. 

And asking Her to come out and play. 

Sooooo let’s PLAY shall we?  

Join me  for some creative ways to begin working with and ushering in this really expansive Creative energy in a special Facebook Live… 

5 Ways To Manifest With The New Moon in Aquarius 

Facebook LIVE with Elizabeth 

You can watch the replay here.