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We had a glorious, rare, powerful astrological event this week… 

… a Full Super Blood Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo. 

(What a mouthful!) 

As you might imagine, an astrological event with a name that long doesn’t come along very often. 

The last one was something like 150 years ago! 

Plus, given that it’s a BLUE moon (the second full moon in a month), on the last day of this month… it’s kind of like we’re getting our Full Moon for February early. 

If you work with lunar energies to manifest, or would like to… this moon was not to be missed. 

This is a feminine, firey, creative moon – perfect for fueling your BIG intentions and for supporting you in being VISIBLE and taking up your rightful space.  

7 Ways To Work With January’s Super Moon: 

How To Manifest With the Full Super Blood Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 

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