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There’s this trend I’ve noticed amongst high-achieving women.  

I’m not gonna lie—  it hurts my heart a little bit.

Okay. Alotta bit. 

It goes something like this…

Badass Creatrix decides she’s calling in some really BIG things. She’s ready to completely transform her reality.  

So she does the “work”— inner and outer.  

She hustles like nobody’s business.   Busts her bum-bum right good… 

And eventually… whether she begins manifesting some the things on her list or not… she finds herself on the brink of burn-out. 

Where’s the ease and grace? She thinks – and rightly so. 

And so she starts to think, ahhh… I don’t want the Big Things after all… 

Or – “I DO want the things… unless I have to pay THIS price…” 

Which is when I call bullshizzle.  (With love, of course). 

I’m not saying NOT to choose ease and grace. 

Manifesting is meant to be a hustle-free experience. 

However… “ease and grace” in this case is really code for something else.  

It means “I’m dimming my Desires because I’m too tired to do the work.” 

It means, I’m done with burnout so I’m gonna err on the side of slowing all the way down.” 

It means, “I’m pretending I’m satisfied with less than because it’s way easier than the roads I’ve walked before.”  

That hurts my heart because you’re here for so much more. Deep down you know it too. And… you are always at choice as to how you’ll experience the world around you.  

You get to have your cake and eat it too.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  

So instead of wasting minutes, weeks, months… years… of your life playing small because you’re afraid of the pattern of burnout, why not choose another pattern? 

Okay, I have SO much more to say here. 

Can you tell? 

Catch the replay here. 

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