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I love, love, LOVE how much is out there now about the Goddess, manifesting, priestessing, … all the things in the realm of feminine and magic. 

It’s especially meaningful to me, because there was a time – a LONG time – when I was waaaaaay in the closet with my beliefs and spiritual work. 

It kinda blows my mind now, but truth is… I hid my Wiccan practice from my family for TEN long years.   

I was deeply afraid that sharing my true self would cost me the people I held most dear.  So, when I first stepped on the path, I was clear that “group work” was not for me. 

Solo practice is the way to go, I thought.  It was easier for keeping things on the down-low.   

Plus, it was crucial then, as it is now, to be discerning about who you align yourself with, especially in the realm of magic.   

Even back then, I wanted to be around high achievers.  “Who are the serious practitioners?” I asked.  Constantly. 

There’s a great, amazing, positive side to that kind of discernment… and a shadow side, too.  Like… being REALLY lonely. 

I was really lonely.  And second-guessing myself every step of the way.   

Then… I met a woman who worked in a magic shop in Greenwich Village.  She supported me… cheered me on… you might say she was my first magical mentor. 

Eventually, she beckoned me out of my self-imposed silo, and I gave myself permission to BE with a magical community.  

And finally came to understand WHY magic is practiced in circles.  

Where many are gathered to direct energy around a specific intention, it amplifies your collective Creative Power.  And along with it, your ability to manifest much, much faster.  

This is one of our big WHYs behind the New Moon rituals I began offering more than a year ago.  First to our Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting members, and now, for our community-at-large.

Personal rituals are powerful.  They can set your manifesting on autopilot.  AND… 

Working in circle is a whole other deal. 

And so, with our New Moon in Capricorn coming in just a few days, you’re invited to gather once again to join us LIVE on Facebook… 

Feminine Magic® New Moon Manifesting Ritual 

Facebook LIVE with Elizabeth  

Tuesday, January 16th, 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET


Put the date in your calendar now, and I’ll see you there! 

PS: Have you heard??  

Our new membership community, The Circle: A Feminine Magic® Sisterhood for Manifesting Success is opening its doors very soon. We’re creating your sacred space online as we speak. Squeeee!