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Last week, over in our School of Manifesting client community we posed the quintessential New Year question…  

What’s your theme word for 2018? 

Not surprisingly, ‘ease and grace’ made their way to the list.  

In our community of high achievers, hustling is the default most peeps are trying to ditch.  

Burnout is the ex-lover hiding in the bushes. 😛 

With a new year ahead, it’s PRIME time to set intentions around manifesting in a new, spacious way – the RECEIVING without all the DO-ing. 

Soooooo what if you could manifest your  BIGGEST DESIRES without a whole lot of effort?   

No pushing, drama… Receive more by doing less…  Calling in what you want when you want it… almost automatically? 

Here’s the thing… 

THAT’S the way things are meant to flow. 

To create that, though, you need to be aware of 3 things: 

First, that YOU have so much more power to create than you are consciously aware of. 

Second, that manifesting  is NOT random.  There is a predictable order to manifesting everything (big or small).   

Ease doesn’t mean sit back and wait for what happens to show up. 

And third, the thing that impacts your manifesting, more than anything,  is your STATE.  

Your energetic frequency or vibrational signature.  

Who you’re BE-ing at all levels. 

Have those 3 things down at a really deep level and you’re off to the races.  

Almost instantly you unlock your innate ability to create anything you choose. And… you begin calling in everything you Desire, big or small, with certainty and so much ease.  

If that sounds like your cuppa tea, you need to check out what I’ve been up to over on Facebook this week. 

Did you notice? 

I was on Facebook Live, not once, but TWICE  to share how you can begin to manifest with greater ease as the Feminine Magician.  

Go watch the replays and get caught up here. 

In these videos (they’re about 30 mins a piece) you’re going to learn the keys to awakening your Inner Magician and really living as Her to create as you wish on command— that was Monday’s jam.

Then in Thursday’s video,  you’ll learn the simple magical tools I use maintain this energetic state on autopilot, even when old patterns and triggers try to derail me so that I can manifest the big things I Desire (7 figure biz included).  

The feedback on these lives has been really great so far.  

Take some time over the weekend to watch!   

PS:  Took me awhile but I’m really digging Facebook Live these days and plan to be Live, consistently all year.  We haven’t quite worked out the on-going schedule but for now save Tuesday and Thursday at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET in your calendar next week. I’ll be back on Tuesday for our New Moon Ritual and have another special Live planned for Thursday. Yay!