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In Monday’s Facebook Live I shared the story of how I came to know, on a deep level, 2 things: 

One, that we all have so much more power to create than we are consciously aware of… 

And two, that manifesting is NOT random. 

Indeed, there’s a predictable order to manifesting, and that this order exists, whether you are manifesting BIG stuff or the small stuff.  (“Big” and “small” all being relative, of course.) 

And the ONE THING that most impacts your manifesting is… your STATE.  What I sometimes call your vibrational signature. 

Who you BE.  All the time. 

Now, the problem is, of course… that even the most “enlightened” (ha!) of us are also HUMAN. 

And humans have a really hard time maintaining a NEW state.  Our brains are designed to keep us experiencing the same thing, over and over.  And the programming gets installed EARLY.

So… once I downloaded The Core Manifesting Process® (our framework for the secret structure of manifesting that already exists)… the next challenge was figuring out… how to maintain your STATE – and the process itself! – on autopilot. 

So that you can call in what you want with ease, rather than succumbing to the yeah-buts, freak-outs, busywork, overthinking or whatever your “thing” is, that can derail you despite the best of intentions (and no matter how many affirmations you recite). 

Yes, living and manifesting as the Feminine Magician you are isn’t something you set and forget. 

Indeed, real growth as a conscious co-creator, or Feminine Magician, is something that comes from embodying a new way of BE-ing. 

And that’s the real gift of consistent manifesting practice with The Core Manifesting Process®. 

Catch the replay here:


Join me this Thursday for another Facebook Live…  

How To Put The Core Manifesting Process® On Autopilot 

Facebook LIVE with Elizabeth 

Thursday, Jan 11 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET

If you struggle with the same old patterns that derail your manifesting… or “sabotaging” your manifestations at the last second, you do NOT want to miss this. 

I’ll share EXACTLY how I overcame some of my deepest conditioning to bust through my “$750k plateau” and have my first million dollar year in 2015. 

And – of course! – how you can use one of my best magical tools to bust through your manifesting blocks, too. 

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