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I remember the first time I really GOT the fact that I could create anything I wanted. 

It came (as these big moments often do) at a very dark time in my life. 

I was devoted to the Goddess.  I was an initiate of the Craft.   

I thought I understood what magic was. 

But Spirit / Source / Goddess / God has a way of kicking your bum-bum when you’re not realllly showing up fully, know what I mean? 

And so it was that I found myself in a dark night of the soul.  Lost, unsure of my purpose, a financial wreck… a basket case. 

I’ve told that story many times – it was nearly 10 years ago now. 

But what I haven’t really shared much about was the moment of AWAKENING. 

Full awareness of my powers as a Creative BE-ing.   

Holy shizzle, I can make things happen. 

The BIG stuff.  The important stuff.  On command, whenever I choose. 

Okay, so WHY am I telling you this? 

Because – let’s face it – it’s SO easy to forget who you really are. 

And I believe that women have forgotten a HUGE part of who they are. 

I have felt, for a LONG time now… that there is ONE feminine archetype that has gone underrepresented, under-taught…. still flying under the radar. 

In fact, She flies SO much under the radar, she barely has a name. 

“Creatrix” comes close… but that’s not quite it. 

I call her the Feminine Magician.    

Women are magic makers.  Creativity is stitched into every part of our BE-ing. 

That power within you is much, MUCH bigger than you know. 

The Feminine Magician is NOT the free spirit, the witch, the warrior goddess, the lover, the priestess… or any single archetype. 

She is ALL of them. 

She knows that at her core, behind it all, she is Creative Life Force Energy.  And she knows how to use that energy, consciously, to any end she chooses that is in alignment with her Essence.  

There is something electrifying and amazing about being FULLY AWARE of your creative powers, and using them without apology. 

1000% sure of yourself, turned on by Desire (your innate urge for expansion)… 

Full self-expression, full stop. 

Imagine what you can, and will, manifest when this part of you is fully activated. 

Well, I’m here to tell you…. 

THIS is the year, and NOW is the time. 

(2018 is an 11 Universal year, carrying the vibration of the Master Number 11, one of the most potent vibrations for manifestation.) 

Join me on MONDAY, January 8th at 12pm PT, for a very special Facebook Live… 

Awakening  Your Inner Magician:  

Unlocking Your Creative Power To Manifest With Certainty 

Facebook LIVE with Elizabeth 

Monday, January 8th, 2018 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET 

Though the Feminine Magician is a lesser known part of you, you’ve likely experienced glimpses of Her Divine Power. 

Glimpses are one thing.  LIVING as Her is quite another. 

Manifesting as a Feminine Magician truly is a paradigm shift. I can’t wait to illuminate the path. 

Go add Monday at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET to your calendar right now and plan to be there LIVE. 

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