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It took me a long time to admit something about myself…  

I’m kinda a high achiever. 

So not surprisingly, we’ve got a LOT of high achievers in the Feminine Magic® community.  

You get SHIZZ done!  

You DO a lot.  

And sometimes you get caught in the “Do-Do-Do, Hustle-Hustle-Hustle, Get ‘Er Done” paradigm.  

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with busting your bum-bum to reach your goals.  (After all, it’s what we’ve been conditioned to do.) 

Except that’s not the way we’re truly designed to manifest what we want.  

In The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting, I teach the secret framework of manifesting. The hidden framework of how we actually create using spiritual law on the physical plane.  

It’s this beautiful mix of attraction… and aligned action… without the shadow masculine hustling you might be used to…  

But, if you don’t know the difference between aligned action and busywork— Guess where you end up?  

Right back in the Do-Do-Do!!  Stuck in the expending a ton of energy.   

SO how cool would it be to know the difference? To know, right away, whether you’re going for “busy” instead of allowing in what you want? 

Discernment is key.  And I broke it all down on a recent Facebook Live… 

How To Banish “Busywork” So You Can Connect With Your Next Aligned Action 


Watch the replay here, or keep reading for the 411.  

Secret #1: There is always aligned action to take.  ALWAYS! 

To really get this, there are 2 things you need to understand. 

The first is that receiving actually requires action.   

It’s a myth that things “just drop into your lap” whole-cloth.   

If you consciously set out to manifest something, there will be SOME physical action required on your part.   Even if it’s just to deposit the check that came out of nowhere in response to your latest manifesting practice. 

The second thing to understand is that there’s a HUGE distinction between aligned and busywork, aka “all the doing.” 

  • “DOING” is running around trying to meet all the conditions you think have to be true in order to have what you want.  
  • Aligned action is the movement, the locomotion that actually brings you what you want.  

Take, for example, a thriving coaching business. 

People think they need website, branding, a FB page… and they look  around see all these peeps with their lifestyle brands, fancy logos and photoshoots and it becomes pretty easy to think you have to have all that too before you can start making money.   

However, none of that is what actually calls in the money.  

Are these things important?  Well, that’s open to debate, actually.  😉  

What brings money into your business isn’t the branding or social media.  

What brings money into your business is… a conversation with a potential client where you ask for the business! 

If you think about it, this just makes sense, right?  

All those other things are, leading up to the conversation.  Yet it’s the (successful sales) conversation that directly results in money in the bank. 

It’s pretty to see this when we break it down but what tends to happen… especially for us high-functioning, super-generative women who have been conditioned to DO it all… our mind takes us on a little ride. 

Your brain actually has a vested interest in having you stay right where you are.  So it would make sense that it would send you off on the doing and the busywork. 

However, there is nothing to DO but take the aligned action that brings you what you want. 

This distinction between busywork and aligned action— that’s your first clue in being able to tell the difference. 

Think about something you want right now.  Maybe it’s a thriving coaching business. 

The aligned action in that case is… Making sales!  

Attracting potential clients, having them raise their hands, inviting them into conversation and inviting them to work with you if it’s a match. 

If you want more money, this is the aligned action to take.  It always comes back to having conversations in SOME form.  

For everything we wish to manifest, there is always some point where we transition from not having the thing, to having the thing.   

If you want a house, your aligned actions would be connecting with sources of houses, choosing the one you want, and making an offer.  

If it’s a relationship…the aligned action is going on dates. 

Now there are nuances with all of this, but what you really need to explore when it comes to discerning aligned action is this: 

What is that point of transition from NOT having the thing, to having the thing? 

That’s aligned action.   

If you’re dancing around that, rather than diving right INTO it… you’re likely engaging in busywork.  Which brings me to point number 2.   

Secret #2: The WAY to manifest what you Desire will come in the form of an opportunity; specifically the opportunity to BE, DO or HAVE something.  

If you’re manifesting new clients you may get 3 referrals— 3 referrals for 3 ideal clients… And now you have to call them.

If it’s more money you’re calling in you might get an opportunity to create a brand new residual income stream…. And now you have to say yes to that opportunity along with any investment of time and money that’s required upfront to get started.   

If you’re struggling to grow or change in some way you may get the opportunity to work with a mentor or a coach…  And now you have to say yes to stepping into the container presented.  

Maybe you hear that a particular organization is looking for exactly what you offer, or they offer exactly what you are looking for… And you have reach out.  

Perhaps there is a seminar on the exact topic or area of transformation you want to work on next – relationships, health, money…. And now you have to get on a plane. 

Often, the way to manifest what you want is an opportunity that is self-generated and is already in front of you.  

Shocker! 🙂 

That’s why one of the fastest ways to manifest something, especially in your business, is to really look at what’s in front of you with new eyes. 

Now here’s the cosmic ha-ha with this… 

This opportunity will very likely be something you have some resistance to.   

It very likely will be something that you do NOT want, or do NOT want to do!!  

Napoleon Hill calls this this “the sly disguises of opportunity” in his classic manifesting manual, Think And Grow Rich… 

“When opportunity came it appeared in a different form and from a different direction than he expected.  That is one of the tricks of opportunity.  It has the sly habit of slipping by the back door and often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat.  Perhaps this is why so many people fail to recognize opportunity.”  

– Napoleon Hill 

Yes, things can appear to manifest as if out of thin air.  And that usually happens after we’ve taken action on the opportunity that we had resistance to! 

For example– you don’t want to have sales conversations; maybe you’re afraid of selling, whatever.  But finally, you pull on your big girl undies, and you do it.   

And you do it from a place of truly DOING it— not going-through-the-motions and then being all “why is it not happening?” 

You have the sales conversation and your miracle shows up.   

That’s exactly how it happens.  This is how miracles show up.  

And this is when things get really fun. 

Because… to call in what you want you’re going to have to move through resistance. The opportunity will be something that you do NOT want to do!!   

The cool thing is, the resistance is one of the things that lets us know that we are on the right track!! 

(That is, until it isn’t.  The more you practice this, the less resistance you will feel.  But look to the resistance first, with an open mind.) 

Secret #3 The way to manifest what you Desire always exists.  ALWAYS.  

Everything you Desire is already here! 

Everything that you Desire to create has already been created, either HERE on the physical plane or on another level of consciousness.  

You can count on that, as the sun rises.  

We do not manifest gold out of thin air.  Instead we become aware of the gold that already exists and the action required to bring it to us.  

The way already exists. There is an aligned action, already in your field, to call in what you want.  

Secret #4  When it comes to aligned action you always know the way  

This is one of those rock solid rules that I live by. 

If you’re here it’s likely that you have some intuitive abilities.  You get those inner nudges / promptings / knowings. 

And you know when you get those inner nudges / promptings / knowings… What happens? 

You get the nudge and it’s very clear, even if it’s just for split second. 

THEN your mind rushes in to clobber the shit out of it. 

Your mind comes up with a quick counter YEAH-BUT. 

There’s actually a reason why this happens.  Our brain creates this response, predictably.  

When you know that something is a yes, the very next thing that comes up is resistance.  The “YEAH BUT!” 

And YET when we honor that initial yes what happens?  

It freaking works out every time!  

I have countless examples of this.  

One of them is my husband… 

I was actually engaged married— practically engaged to be married to someone else when I met Leland.  

My ex-boyfriend was, and is, quite well-known in his industry, and a really amazing human being who I truly loved on many levels, so the decision to break it off was a really big deal. 

It’s a long story. I share a bit more in the Facebook Live 

But the upshot is I was faced with a decision.  Probably the most important decision of my life.  

I said yes to the knowing practically sight unseen.   Because my Essence knew.  I knew.  

I could’ve spent another year wasting time with the amazing fiancé who wasn’t meant to be and chasing my tail.  #beentheredonethat 

So when taking aligned action you really need listen to those knowings and take action – even if it might appear totally irrational. 

Sometimes the next move won’t seem logical on the surface. 

This gets back to Napoleon Hill again… 

“It will look like temporary defeat or setback.” 

But it’s not.  It’s the next right move.  You just have to have FAITH to take it.


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