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You may have noticed that we’ve been undergoing quite the transition this year, here at Feminine Magic® HQ… a.k.a Goddess Central. 

Here on the blog, in emails and on social media, we’ve been shifting the conversation all year.   

We’ve also shifted what we’ve been offering to support you on your path of massive success. 

I rarely talk business-y stuff these days (you know, except for when I do) and instead, I’ve been teaching magic, manifesting and money, with a dash of essential oils thrown in. 

Shifting gears this year has been a REALLY interesting experience for us to navigate.  True transformation is never smooth sailing. 

The great news is, the road ahead is coming into clear view.  And there is sooooo much that I can’t wait to share with you! 

So I hopped on Facebook Live on Friday to give you the full scoop on where we’re going, what’s coming next and what it means for you! 

Go here to watch the Feminine Magic® State of the Union

 Here are some of the high points: 

  • I’m not the only one “in transition” – we all are!!  And I’m not the only one who is blowing up parts of my business.  In times like these, instead of “why is this happening?” be in the inquiry of “What is being ASKED of me at this time?” 
  • What’s being asked of the ambitious, creative, generative women in our circle is… a deep understanding of exactly how you create, and a deep understanding of your true nature and power. 
  • At Feminine Magic®, we teach the art of magic for your personal and financial empowerment.  We focus on magic and manifesting for massive success and real-world results, using your spiritual powers and gifts. 
  • Here are the 4 different areas you can expect us to focus on in the coming year, and beyond: 
    •  Manifesting.  We’ve cracked the code on what soooo many spiritual teachers miss – that is, the secret structure BEHIND manifesting.  The Core Manifesting Process is a predictable, repeatable manifesting formula that you can use to manifest at will, like our clients have. 
    • The Art of Magic.  The traditional definition of magic is to create change in alignment with Will (your Essence or Higher Self).  The tools and rituals of magic become so much more effective once you understand HOW you create reality here on the physical plane.  Expect more rituals, magical tools and teachings in the new year. 
    • Money.  Everyone’s favorite manifesting playground!  Magic and manifesting MUST create real results on the physical plane.  We will continue to explore and deepen into how to use these tools to create real dollars in your bank account – sometimes double and even triple what you’re used to. 
    • Essential Oils.  I share doTERRA oils because they are among the top tools I use to amplify my energy.  Essential oils are a powerful tool for vibrational wellness, and they’re the perfect manifesting tool because for EVERY challenge you can think of, in and out of the realm of health… there’s an oil for that.  🙂   Find out more about the oils here.
  • You already love our articles; we’ve got more Facebook Lives in the new year.  Woo! 
  • We’re re-invigorating our FREE Facebook Groups so you can better connect with us where most of you already are – Facebook.  Join us on Facebook here.
  • I’m hella freakin’ TIRED of the “just one program” model that is heavily promoted by the coaching industry.  Like you, I’m highly creative and generative, and I’m tired of that creativity behind hamstrung by “how it’s SUPPOSED to be done.”  My vision has always been to turn Feminine Magic® into a trusted resource of metaphysical education.   
  • Soooo… expect MORE opportunities to work with us next year, at different price points. 
  • I’ll continue to offer private, 1-on-1 work with VIP clients to create massive money breakthroughs.  You can also expect me to start to deliver some deeper transformational and healing work via two different modalities I’ve been studying for years: The Akashic Records and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

While we were Live I also shared that we’ve decided to do something awesome to support and honor the entrepreneurial peeps in our world. 

Despite NOT opening the doors to Goddess Business School® for more than a year, we still get requests every week about enrolling. 

It’s not a surprise.  Goddess Business School® was our most comprehensive business training ever.   

To my mind, it’s STILL the best step-by-step training for building a coaching, healing or transformation business, online and off. 

So next week, for one week only, we’ll be offering an opportunity to get your hands on our most-loved, truly game-changing Goddess Business School® curriculum… at a fraction of the original investment. 

We’ll share all the deets on the other side of the weekend so if this sparks curiosity, be on the look out.  

NOTE: This will be a true “sale”. Amazing price, limited time offer. Only a few reminders. Then… *poof*… it’s gone.   

So if this is speaking to you… pay attention. 

Meantime, to find out why this is finally happening, go watch the Facebook Live replay right now   

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Keep your peepers peeped for Goddess Business School homestudy program SALE happening NEXT WEEK!! 

Love & magic,